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All Our Ferry Tickets Are Flexible And Sailings Dates Can Be Amended. Book Online Today. 2021 Sailings Now On Sale. Discover The Beautiful Landscapes & Culture Of France & Spai Compare the best deals for Ferry! Find the cheapest price On the journey from Tromsø to Kirkenes we remain north of the Polar Circle for the entire sailing. Day 1. Tromsø, gateway to the Arctic. We recommend you arrive early in Tromsø, giving you time to experience this beautiful city before you board the ship. The ship leaves at 18:30 Yes, there is a direct ferry departing from Tromsø Hurtigrutekai and arriving at Kirkenes Hurtigrutekai. Services depart once daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 38h 30m

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What companies run services between Tromsø, Norway and Kirkenes Airport (KKN), Norway? Widerøe flies from Tromsø to Kirkenes Airport (KKN) twice daily. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Tromsø to Kirkenes Airport (KKN) via Alta sentrum, Karasjok bussterminal, and Inari in around 16h 25m Norway: Kirkenes to Tromsø. Book with confidence. Travel information 2 days. Departures Daily, all year. Price from. 255 €. Check prices and availability. Experience North Cape - the northernmost point on the continent. Stay active with our wide range of exciting sea- and land-based excursions Answered: Hi, family of four (with two teens) coming to Kirkenes for two days. We would like to catch a ferry/boat from Kirkenes to Tromsø. I looked on Hurtigruten site and could not find this info. All I found that boat departs daily and stops at every..

The ferrie between Gryllefjord and Andenes usually operates from end of May till end of August and is run by Senja Fergene. Travel time is 1 hour 40 minutes. See all ferry times here. A lot of the ferries in Troms county is run by Torghatten Nord Sailing from Tromsø, we continue to search for the northern lights from September to March. Time in port: Stokmarknes: 01:30 a.m. -01:40 a.m. Sortland: 02:55 a.m. -03:10 a.m. Risøyhamn: 04:35 a.m. -04:50 a.m. Harstad: 07:10 a.m. -07:45 a.m. Finnsnes: 11:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m. Tromsø: 02:15 p.m. -06:15 p.m. Skjervøy: 10:10 p.m. -10:25 p.m The hurtigruten takes a day and 15 hours from Tromso to Kirkenes one way. There are some sales on the tickets right now. The buses... I have researched it but it seems like one would have to change in Alta or Storslett, maybe there is a better connection in summer. The bus starts at 6 am or something To travel from Tromsø to Kirkenes in the warmth of a Hurtigruten passenger ferry is to ease gently into the northern Norwegian wilderness. The jagged ramparts of the mainland and islands unsoiled..

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  1. Due to the large distances in Northern Norway, many people enjoy spending their holidays here in a car. Below you will find some of the important car ferries, sorted by geography, south to north. Ferry routes in Nordland fylke (county) are listed on Reis Nordland. Ferry routes in Troms and Finnmark fylke (county) is listed [
  2. We have reached the final destination of this cruising tour, which is Kirkenes. From Kirkenes we took a plane to Tromsø. The weather was nice and sunny so we..
  3. This exciting and less-traveled winter adventure takes you deep into Norway's boreal territory for spectacular snowcapped scenery. The trip kicks off in Tromsø, a sophisticated little city known as the 'Paris of the North'. From here, make your way east to Kirkenes—traveling by bus—while taking advantage of unique Arctic excursions and numerous possibilities for spotting the Northern Lights

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  1. Travel northwards from Tromsø by bus, plane or onboard Hurtigruten, and experience North Cape and the rest of Northern Norway. Hurtigruten departs from Tromsø daily. This is a really nice way to travel north to Hammerfest, Honningsvåg and Kirkenes among other. Read more about Hurtigruten and timetables here
  2. The famous Hurtigruten vessels have been transporting visitors along the magnificent West coast of Norway for over 100 years. This voyage takes you north from the beautiful, historic city of Bergen, to Kirkenes in the far Arctic wilderness, sailing through beautiful fjords and past many islands
  3. The Hurtigruten ship MS Finnmarken on a winter trip from Bodø to Tromsø.Music4YourVids.co.u
  4. The ship sails from Tromsø at 1:30, and if you're not too tired, we recommend you stay out on deck to see the midnight sun shining over the mountaintops round the town in summer. During the rest of the year, you'll have a good chance of seeing the northern lights or the magical moonlight reflected in the sea

Kirkenes - Tromsø 2 days. Experience North Cape - the northernmost point on the continent; Stay active with our wide range of exciting sea- and land-based excursions; Experience the Midnight Sun in summer, and the Northern Lights in winter; Explore Tromsø - gateway to the Arctic and Paris of the Nort The coast of Norway is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Discover the full range of this natural treasure on our 12-day roundtrip cruise. Call on 34 ports, sail world-famous fjords, and encounter unforgettable scenery all along the way. Learn from our complementary lectures and onboard activities led by our Hurtigruten guides and choose from 90 exciting optional excursions

The trip from Bergen to Kirkenes makes like 40 stops.. Some longer then four hours, most less then one hour. This is a ferry, although a pretty nice one and they have a route and supplies to deliver along the way so they keep a pretty strict schedule. There was NO entertainment on this ship. Tromsø's numerous attractions include wildlife and impressive vistas, as well as history, culture and daring architecture. Often described as the Paris of the north, Tromsø offers a lively nightlife, friendly locals and a range of restaurants specializing in the fresh produce of the region

Norge: Tromsø - Kirkenes; Uppdatera din bokning. 3 dagar. Norge Från Tromsø till Kirkenes. Pris från . kr 1 887. 3 dagar. Norge Från Tromsø till Kirkenes. Pris från . kr 1 887. Se priser och tillgänglighet. Avresor Dagliga avgångar året runt. Se midnattssolen på sommaren och möjligtvis norrskenet på vinter I joined the ship in Tromsø and sailed north to Kirkenes. From here, I remained on board back to Tromsø, where I disembarked. I was asked to vacate my cabin by 8 pm to allow preparations for its next occupants. I stored my suitcase in the freely accessible luggage room and spent three hours bouncing between the warm inside and the freezing. Ferry = Hurtigruten port-to-port (departs 1830 and arrives 0900 to days later - https://www.hurtigruten.no/havn-til-havn/ - I belive you have to make due with the Norwegian site as the international ones only want to sell you complete cruises ,not port-to-port journeys) Buses = Bus from Tromso to Alta at 1600 (arrival 2215 - www.tromskortet.no). Kirkenes - Honningsvåg Vi lämnar Kirkenes och färdas västerut genom ett otroligt landskap med höga fjäll, blånande fjordar, stora myrar och slätter. Här finns gott om renar. På kvällen anländer vi till Honningsvåg för övernattning på hotell Scandic Honningsvåg Flight for Scandinavian Virtual Airlines from Tromsø Langnes (ENTC) to Kirkenes (ENKR) in P3D v3.1 with the Majestic Dash8 Q400.Add-ons used in this video:Ai..

The legendary shipping line, Hurtigruten, also sails to Kirkenes. The sailing time from Bergen is five and a half days. There is also a bus to Karasjok with onward connections to Alta, Tromsø and the train in Narvik, but this takes several days and requires in-depth reading of bus tables The ship departs Tromsø at 01.30 am (however, it's possible to already board upon the ship's arrival in town at midnight) and arrives in Svolvær at 6.30 pm the same day. For journeys that take less than 23 hours, you don't need to book a cabin but can also sleep in the common lounges From 26 September 1940, three weekly services were operated from Trondheim to Tromsø, with two of these continuing to Kirkenes, using a 16-passenger Junkers Ju 52. This was terminated on 20 March 1941, after most of the airline's pilots had fled to the United Kingdom to support the Allied forces

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The long-established Hurtigruten sails from Bergen to Kirkenes in Finnmark. The journey Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen takes 11 days. This voyage is an exquisite way to experience the natural beauty of the coast. It is indeed the world's most beautiful sea voyage Widerøe flight no. WF692 from Tromsø to Kirkenes in a Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works. Perhaps consider going only to Tromsø? By car it is some 700 kilometers from Kirkenes to Tromsø, and it is usually rather expensive flying. Report inappropriate conten HUR (Hurtigruten) The first stop of the HUR ferry route is Bergen Nøstet Kystrutekai and the last stop is Bergen Nøstet Kystrutekai. HUR (Direction: Kirkenes) is operational during Sunday, Tuesday, Friday. Additional information: HUR has 66 stations and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 3134 minutes

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  1. Tromsø: 23:45-01:30; Finnsnes: 04:20-04:40; Harstad: 08:00-08:30; Risøyhamn: 10:45-11:00; Sortland: 12:30-13:00; Stokmarknes: 14:15-15:15; Svolvær: 18:30-20:30; Stamsund: 22:15-22:3
  2. Boka billiga flygresor från Tromsø till Kirkenes: Sök och jämför priser på Tripadvisor för att hitta de bästa flygresorna för din resa till Kirkenes. Välj det bästa flygbolaget för dig genom att läsa omdömen och kolla in hundratals priser för flygresor till och från ditt resmål
  3. utes.. Daily flight connections from/to Oslo (2 hours and 5
  4. In summer, there is a ferry from Brensholmen near Tromsø to Botnhamn on Senja . The rest of the year, you drive inland through Nordkjosbotn and Finnsnes to reach the island. If by public transportation, plan well ahead

  1. This first part will cover our trip from Tromsø to Kirkenes, where we picked up our visa before crossing the border into Russia. Below is a map of the route we took (click to see a larger version). From Tromsø to Kirkenes you can either follow the road along the coast until Alta, or drive inland all the way (partly through Finland)
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  3. Airline: NorwegianAircraft: Boeing 737-800Reg: LN-NGUFlight: DY311 Kirkenes - Oslo (via Tromsø)Seat: 21ADate: 14.01.2017This was the last day were the sun wa..

DAG 1 Ombordstigning i Tromsø, porten till Arktis. Hamnar: Tromsø, Skjervøy. Tromsø är en stad väl värd att besöka. Före avfärden hinner du kanske besöka det fina Polarmuséet och någon av de många välbesökta restaurangerna och kaféerna. Fartyget kastar loss kl 18.30 Norwegian FlyViking promises to open the Trondheim-Bodø-Tromsø-Alta-Kirkenes-Murmansk route; Norwegians in Murmansk, Lovozero and around; Off limits to foreigners; Off to Murmansk for the weekend; Off to Murmansk Friday, back Saturday; Off to Murmansk Sunday for a book presentation, back Monday; Off to Murmansk to the Freedom to Navalny rally tomorrow. Tromsø - Kirkenes. The Paris of the North, Northern Lights and North Cape. On the journey from Tromsø to Kirkenes we remain north of the Polar Circle for the entire sailing. Day 1. Tromsø, gateway to the Arctic. We recommend you arrive early in Tromsø, giving you time to experience this beautiful city before you board the ship Tromsø to Kirkenes is the roughest part of the whole Hurtigruten voyage, so there will be mixed reviews. I would fly to Alta first thing - chances of seeing the Northern Lights here are just as good if not better than on Hurtigruten. Alta also offers activities, but on a smaller scale than Tromsø as Alta is still up and coming as a winter destination

You're right, there are no trains all the way up to Tromsø. (And there's no railway line along the coast, so if you want to go by train from Bergen towards the north (you'll get as far as Bodø) you'd have to go back to Oslo again!). You can fly, of course - but there are no direct flights between Tromsø and Bergen, the most convenient route is via Oslo Kirkenes - Rovaniemi. Also, the Government says, a cross-border railway from Norway's northeastern corner in Kirkenes to Finland's rail network starting in Rovaniemi by the Arctic Circle will be included into the new study The total CO2 Emission for your Inari - Tromsø bus trip is 112.16 kg Your total cost to travel by bus from Inari to Tromsø is about 853.0 USD (~5,200.17 NOK) Other route

Stockholm, Tromsø, The North Cape, Kirkenes and Oslo Discovering the Midnight Sun 11 days | 10 nights This individual package tour starts with four days in the Swedish capital Stockholm, built on 14 different islands and surrounded by a magnificent archipelago. A number of boat excursions are already included i Our Classic Voyage North takes you on a 7-day exploration of Norway's major coastal cities and remote villages, from Bergen and far beyond the Arctic Circle to Kirkenes. Encounter natural wonders with the chance to take part in exciting activities as you discover the best of Norway's rugged coastlin Experience the spectacular Norwegian coastline under the northern lights in winter or the midnight sun in summer. On our Classic Cruise South from Kirkenes to Bergen, we show you enchanting landscapes of fjords, mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers, combined with visits to historic cities and cozy coastal towns along the way. This is a cruise you will never forget

Distance from Tromsø to Kirkenes (Tromsø Airport, Langnes - Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen) is 264 miles / 424 kilometers / 229 nautical miles. See also a map, estimated flight duration, carbon dioxide emissions and the time difference between Tromsø and Kirkenes Book cheap flights from Tromsø (TOS) to Kirkenes (KKN). Find our best rates with the low fare calendar and book today The Arctic capital Tromsø is located 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and is the largest city in Northern Norway. From September to March, many people come here to see the northern lights.From the end of May till the end of July, the midnight sun makes it possible to participate in various activities around the clock.. Tromsø offers superb opportunities for outdoor activities such. 1 Kirkenes Snow Hotel (Kirkenes Snøhotell), ☏ +47 78-970-540, info@kirkenessnowhotel.com. The hotel is open from December to early April. A range of activities, some of which vary by the season (you do not have to stay at the hotel to participate): king crab excursions, including catching and eating, husky tours, reindeer watching

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DFDS - Europe's leading ferry operator 2012-2020. Rent-A-Wreck - the smart car rental alternative. Arctic Campers - Norway's camper van rental. NOR-WAY Bussekspress - travel green with express busses. Vy - it should be easy to travel green. Cabin Campers - your cottage on four wheels. SJ NORD - the adventure starts on the trai Plan your trip by ferry, plane from Kirkenes to London. Combine all modes of transportation to get to London on Vivanod Visit Tromso is the official tourist information site for all your Northern Lights and Midnight Sun tours and Tromso regional information

Norway: Tromsø to Kirkenes. Book with confidence; Travel information 3 days. Departures Daily, all year Price from $ 387. Check prices and availability. See the midnight sun in summer and possibly the northern lights in winter Explore the beautiful and wild nature of the coastline in Troms and Finnmar Tromsø - Kirkenes - Tromsø med Hurtigruten. En 4-dagarstur där du vistas norr om polcirkeln under hela resan. Beroende på årstid och väder har du möjlighet att uppleva antingen vinterns norrsken eller sommarens midnattssol MS Nordlys MS Nordlys is a 20+ year old post ship/car ferry and similar in arrangement and age to others in the fleet - Appears well maintained, comfortable communal areas and slightly dated decor. Relaxed atmosphere on board - ***Warning*** Vibration issue (See below) Northern Lights - An Act of God so not guaranteed but reasonable to expect a 12 day Bergen- Kirkenes-Bergen round trip. Answer 1 of 13: What choices are there to travel between Tromso to Kirkenes in late February 2020. Looking at either buses or ferry. Has anyone got any suggestion

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One ferry is northbound and goes all the way up to Kirkenes. The other one is southbound with it's final destination Bergen. With almost all of the boats you can also take the camper with you, if you want to skip driving and experience the landscape by sea. You will also find the Tromsø tourist information here Ferry; Fjordcruise; Useful information. Contact Us; Maps and Schedules; Driftsmelding; Cookies on norled no; Call us +47 5186 8700. Follow us at Facebook. Follow us at Instagram.

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If travelling to Tromsø by car, you'll have to pay several ferry crossings (usually around 200 NOK per car and crossing, to be paid in cash or by card when boarding the ferry), as well as toll. In order to pay the latter you have to register with Euro Parking Collection if you bring your own car Directions to Ryaforbindelsen (Tromsø) with public transportation. The following transit lines have routes that pass near Ryaforbindelsen Bus: 420 Ferry: BERGEN-TRONDHEIM-BODØ-TROMSØ-KIRKENES Kirkenes - Tromsø med Hurtigruten. En 2-dagarstur för att känna på den arktiska miljön i och runt norra delarna av norska kusten. På denna tur vistas du norr om polcirkeln under hela resan och får uppleva Nordkap och Finnmark Answer 1 of 8: HI We are planning a Northern Lights trip January 2012 and are planning a few days in Tromso. We are now thinking to extend and add a trip to Lofoten to do an orca safari then board the Hurtigruten all the way up to Kirkenes. Or should we.. Head to Tromsø airport before boarding the domestic flight to Kirkenes for your journey furthern north. Kirkenes, located about 400 km (240 miles) above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway has just over 3,000 inhabitants, including the native Sami people

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Tromsø to Kirkenes Airport (KKN) - 5 ways to travel via

For train travel from Oslo to Tromsø, please read the following information. You can find the timetable and ticket prices online via our booking links. Saver fares and discounts (Minipris) are available if you book early in advance. Your travel route could be like that. 1 Oslo (Norway) - Tromsø (Norway) 1149 k Troms og Finnmark is a county in Northern Norway established on January 1, 2020. This county has numerous mountainous islands along the shoreline such as Hinnøya, the largest of Norway mainland, and Tromsøya where stands the charming capital city of Tromsø. Here, there are numerous wonders to visit such as the exquisite Arctic Cathedral, and the Polaria arctic aquarium To give you a better experience while using our website, Hurtigruten uses cookies. Some of these are necessary to make the website work, others give you a tailor-made experience and relevant marketing M/S Kong Harald Photo: Troms Fylkes Damibsselskap M/S Kong Harald Photo: Piet Sinke (Kirkenes 3/7-2001) M/S Kong Harald Photo: Cedric Hacke (Svolvær 10/8-2008) M/S Kong Harald Photo: Cedric Hacke (Svolvær 10/8-2008) M/S Kong Harald Photo: Rune Haaland (Bodø 12/9-2008) M/S Kong Harald Photo: Hans Kraut (Tromsø 2/6-2012) M/S Kong Haral The legendary Hurtigruten ships stop in Tromsø. The northbound ships arrive daily at 14:30 and continues at 18:30 to Skjervøy, Hammerfest, the North Cape and Kirkenes. The southbound ships arrive at 23:45, and depart at 01:30 in the night, to Finnsnes —, Lofoten, Trondheim and Bergen all year round

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