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  2. imal knowledge of the Drupal content management system. The topics will help them become skilled at installing, ad
  3. The User Guide project was started during the Drupal 8 development cycle by the Documentation Working Group (DocWG), as a community initiative. Members of the community write, edit, and translate the guide, using templates and following guidelines provided by the DocWG. The User Guide is now completely written and edited in English
  4. Drupal 8 User Guide Curated introduction to readers new to Drupal 8. Developer documentation Documentation for developers about tools, processes, and standards that is not specific to a major version of Drupal
  5. How to install Drupal 7. Before installation. Step 1: Download and extract Drupal. Step 2: Create the database. Step 3: Create settings.php and the files directory. Step 4: Run the installation script. Setting up the files directory. Install Drupal in another language. Built-in Installation Profiles
  6. Now, it's time to get up close and personal with Drupal. In this guide, we'll introduce you to the basics of the platform — including how to install it, start creating content, and expand its features. Step 1: Install Drupal on Your Site. The installation process for Drupal is a little more involved than with many similar platforms
  7. Drupal is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a CMS with advantages in security and ease of customization. You can also add various exciting features to your website through its modules. In this article, we have explained the various advantages of Drupal, its features, how to create content in it, how to install themes and modules, and how to update the system
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The easiest way to install Drupal on your web hosting is by using the auto-installer feature. You can find it in your hosting control panel. As an example, we'll show you how to install Drupal in Hostinger's hPanel: Enter the hPanel; In the Website section, click on Auto Installer. Under the Most Popular section, choose Drupal Drupal is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) with a large, supportive community. This guide is for people who are just sorting out what Drupal is and what you can do with it. This provides informational overview resources instead of hands-on tutorials Drupal 7-lathunden Drupal guides in English Accessibility statement in Drupal Article Basic settings Calendar event Contact page Create page - basics Drupal training in English Edit personal page Images and image sizes Landing pages Launch the site Layout mod

This is a selection of guides from Drupal-lathunden translated to English Drupal is a free, powerful content management system that lets you create custom websites, blogs, portals, and more. It has all the features you need to build a fully functional website, is highly customizable, scalable, and free to use. In this step-by-step Drupal tutorial, we will show you how to build a website using the latest version of the. Below are the guidance and standards for working in our Drupal content management system. These are no longer available as separate PDFs on the website, but on this page instead. This guide only includes what you can do in our Drupal system. Please see the Web Standards website to learn more about Web Accessibility or Use stats to make better pages

Guide to Drupal 9. Welcome to Drupal 9, the most innovative yet most straightforward upgrade in Drupal's history. Our tutorials and guides are ready with the 8.9.x / 9.0.x badge. Learn more about Drupal 9 in our latest video. WATCH THE VIDEO →. YouTube Exploring the Drupal interface is probably the best way to learn how to use Drupal. Along with exploration, it is encouraged that you read the differenst sections of this documentation as many of the frequently asked questions have been answered and explained along with detailed documentation of the numerous content types associated with the Drupal platform that we provide

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  1. 15 Drupal Security Best Practices - Step-By-Step Guide 2021. Drupal CMS is being used by various important organizations. In certain countries, it is used by governments also. This admiration can be attributed to its open-source framework and the spectrum of modules on Drupal
  2. While Drupal 9 is definitely the way to go, one needs to know certain things before upgrading from Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 to Drupal 9. Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 are not completely lost yet. They are here to stay for a while. Drupal 7, which was slated to be end-of-life in November 2021, will now be getting community support till November 28, 2022
  3. UVM Drupal Web Guide. Drupal Web Guide. As the University of Vermont transitions its website platform from the UVM web publishing system to our new Drupal web publishing system, this online guide for Drupal will continue to grow and evolve
  4. imal knowledge of the Drupal content management system. The topics will help you become skilled at installing, ad
  5. g Drupal 7; Extending Drupal; Multilingual guide; Multisite Drupal; Choosing Drupal version; Upgrade to Drupal 7; Setting up cron; Configuring clean URLs; Migrating to Drupal; Security in Drupal 7; Backing up and migrating a site; Managing site performance; Managing users; Monitoring a site; Nodes, content types and fields; Organizing content with taxonomie
  6. g topics
  7. Drupal is a free, open source, content management system (CMS). Build Drupal Site
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  1. Översikt över tips och guider här på forumet. Modulerna du bara måste ha. Drupalsverige på IRC; Svenska Drupal-leverantörer sida här på g.d.o se listan på Drupalsverige.se; Svenska webbplatser som använder Drupal sida här på g.d.o se listan på Drupalsverige.se; Bli medlem; Så ställer du en fråga. Lokala träffa
  2. Drupal - Quick Guide - Drupal is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) that allows organizing, managing and publishing your content. It is built on PHP based environ
  3. If you are, the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal is the class for you. This class will get you up-and-running with Drupal so that you are fully prepared for your week at DrupalCon. This class has been offered at every DrupalCon since 2010 and has helped hundreds of DrupalCon attendees
  4. Maps In Drupal - A Complete Guide. Technology. Drupal. Grzegorz Pietrzak. 27.04.2020. Consistent support of addresses, coordinates, maps and searching for places is definitely the Achilles' heel of most modern CMS. It is a complicated matter and it requires integrating a large number of independent solutions
  5. ology can kickstart efforts to both talk the Drupal talk and walk the Drupal walk, so here's a quick guide to essential Drupal-specific vocabulary to get started on that journey. 1. Content. Content encompasses both text and images displayed on a website -- including photos, logos, icons, and other graphic items. 2. View

Drupal SEO Guide This guide is an extension of the first ever published book with the step-by-step, technical details you need to search engine optimize a Drupal website . Originally written by Ben Finklea (Volacci's Fearless Leader) in 2017, it is the first step to digital marketing excellence that will reward you with increased ranking, traffic, customers, and sales Your Drupal Guide Purchase Includes: Access to assessment and implementation tools Virtual coaching sessions Digital workbooks A three-step plan for leading towards results BONUS: instant access - available to use right away To know they're doing it right, other clients use the Drupal Guide to help them get clarity and inspiration [ Due to how innovation now works in Drupal, new features are released in minor versions. Major releases, like the release of Drupal 9, contain all the features of Drupal 8, but with deprecated APIs removed, and some 3rd-party libraries updated. Learn more about Drupal 9 and what it means for your learning journey in our Guide to Drupal 9 Ultimate Guide to Drupal 9. Drupal 9 was released in June 2020, representing an important next step in the evolution of Drupal. Here's what you can expect and how to prepare. Sign up to Download. Download the Ultimate Guide to Drupal 9. Download the Ultimate Guide to Drupal 9. First Name This is required

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Drupal Development: An Ultimate Guide For CEO's & Enterprise Businesses. Share. Tweet. Pin. Share. For website management, brands look for a usable open-source content management platform to handle the different aspects of their web services Released on December 4, the newest version of Drupal, Version 8.8, accomplishes this task, making page layouts, media management and decoupled web experiences easier to manage and deliver, conserving production time and effort. Download your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 today The Ultimate Drupal SEO Guide for 2020. Your website is the centre of the marketing world. No doubt SEO is very important for any business that operates online. Ensuring that a search engine is easily able to understand your content is the first step towards ensuring your visibility in search engine results. Drupal is perfect for SEO Your Step-by-Step Drupal Migration Guide. Drupal 9 launched in June 2020 and enterprises are in an urgent need to upgrade from Drupal 7 and 8 to version 9. Drupal 8 will reach end of life in November 2021 and Drupal 7 in 2022. Those who wish to stick to previous versions might possibly face security challenges

Drupal 8 Custom Module development - A beginners Guide. The power of Drupal lies with its modules. With thousands of core and contributed Drupal modules to choose from, Drupal developers can easily implement ones that meet their needs When a request is sent to Drupal, the menu system uses the provided URL to determine what functions to call. There are four standard menus in Drupal 7: 1. The Main Menu is built by site administrators and displayed automatically in the page header of many themes (and if not, you can enable their blocks to display them) Toolset cover everything you use in Drupal, but with a convenient interface, reliable updates and friendly support. Introduction - Why move from Drupal to WordPress. Chapter 1 - Using Drupal features in WordPress. Chapter 2 - Migrating from Drupal to WordPress. Chapter 3 - Creating content using WordPress If you're still on Drupal 7, it's about time to migrate to Drupal 8 (or 9). There are many ways of migrating your website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 (or Drupal 9). Here's a no-frills guide to migrating your Drupal 7 website from a database source. What is a Drupal Migration? Migration is a movement of content from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 (or Drupal 9) This guide strives to help organizers of all types of Drupal-related events to effectively plan and organize their event. While most Drupal events are called DrupalCamps, there are a number of other types of Drupal events that are also covered. The terms DrupalCamp and Drupal event are used interchangeably in this document. Table of Content

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Drupal is an open source CMS and or framework that is used by at least 2.2% of all the websites on the internet, making it the 3rd most widely used CMS in the world. As with any major platform, additional security concerns also present themselves. Your risk of attack is greater and more vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered or exploited This guide is only intended to explain the considerations how to create HTML, templates and CSS that are easy for a themer to deal with. This guide will serve as a basis for creating patches to Drupal 7 that will standardize the HTML and CSS classes. ID. As a general rule: don't use the id attribute Much has been written on the theory and practice of agile (or Agile, if you prefer —the debate is real) including books, blog posts, and formal training.. What this guide aims to cover in depth is how to apply that theory to branch management in git, specifically for those working with Drupal 7, Drupal 8 or Drupal 9 Ultimate Guide: Migrate From Drupal 7 To Drupal 9. August 24, 2020 | 7 Minute Read. Tags: Drupal 9, Migration, Drupal. The Open Source CMS is approaching its 20 th birthday, and it has evolved in incredible ways. Back in 2015, when Drupal 8 was introduced, it was not an easy upgrade

Drupal 9 Readiness Initiative: The focus of this initiative was to get Drupal 9 ready by June 3, 2020, so that Drupal 7 and 8 users had at least 18 months to upgrade. Since Drupal 9 is just a cleaned-up version of the last version of Drupal 8 (8.9), the idea was to update dependencies and remove any deprecated code Drupal is a free and open-source web content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Drupal provides a back-end framework for at least 12% of the top 10,000 websites worldwide - ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites. Systems also use Drupal for knowledge management and for business collaboration. As of March 2021, the Drupal community comprised more than 1.39 million members, including 121,000. Drupal 7-lathunden Drupal guides in English Nyheter Lyssna. Sök. Sök Drupal-lathunden Bygg din webbplats i den universitetsgemensamma webblösningen Lyssna. Sök Drupal 8 Om Drupal Process kring uppstart Administrera webbplatsen Skapa webbplatsens innehåll Grundläggande inställningar Roller. This page allows you to search our comprehensive set of Drupal how-to guides. Use keywords to find the guides you need

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The ultimate guide for faster Drupal: Part 1 Caching. 24 apr. Av Ramsalt Lab Comments. At the Lab section of our name: Ramsalt Lab we tried to put Drupal on steroids to test and see how much can we get out of Drupal performance wise and we will now publish a series of blog posts that together make a coherent How-to guide on Drupal performance It is highly recommended that you also read the Drupal 8 User Guide as much of the site building section (including the missing notes in this repo) covers what is in the user guide. Update: 4/2/2018: I'm presently studying for both the Front End Specialist and Back End Specialist exams and have started updating the documentation to go a bit more in depth on certain topics Make sure your Drupal Site fully leverages the core features and contributed modules that enhance SEO! Get Promet's Get Started Guide for Drupal SEO to Learn: + 4 essential steps for optimizing your site for Google searches, and + 7 top Drupal modules for SEO. Did you know: + Current stats reveal that 93% of all web traffic is via search engines

In this chapter, let us study about Creating content.In Drupal, content type defines the style in which contents are collected and displayed. When you install Drupal, by default two content types will be fixed and they are Articles and Basic page.When you enable other core and contributed modules by visiting Modules you can also use other content types Drupal 8 was recently released after years of development and testing. A majority of the Drupal core was rewritten from the ground up in this latest version - a radical approach to modernizing the platform on various fronts and easing both development and content management. Previous versions of Drupal were largely revised and improved upon releases of the initial build

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  1. We recommend using our drupal-rector-sandbox development environment https://github.com/palantirnet/drupal-rector-sandbox. Alternatively, you can use your existing Drupal project and follow the instructions in README. Adding a Rector rule. If you would like to submit a Rector rule, we are looking for the following
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  3. Drupal 7 Fields/CCK Beginner's Guide will show you how to create custom content types and fields, add fields to comments and vocabularies, reuse the existing fields, create Boolean and list fields, set default values to fields, add term references to content types, add file fields and image fields, create custom image styles, format fields' display for different view modes, use contributed.
  4. Peter SawczynecMaximize the advantages of caching and ensure your Drupal 8 websites are performant. Get the technical information you need to handle caching.
  5. Site alert Med site alert kan man använda sig av olika typer av statusmeddelanden beroende på vilken information man vill delge. Site alert kan ha meddelanden av enklare slag, som är upp till 128 tecken långa. Meddelandet visas för besökaren högst upp i webbplatsens huvudinnehåll. Site alert har tre statusmeddelanden: 1. Status (Primary) Exempel: Används för att ge allmän information
  6. Drupal - the leading open-source CMS for ambitious digital experiences that reach your audience across multiple channels. Because we all have different needs, Drupal allows you to create a unique space in a world of cookie-cutter solutions
  7. A Drupal 7 to 8 migration is anything but boring because there are so many ways to perform a migration! Depending on the complexity of the project, we can choose a technique that suits it best. The one we are going to discuss in this blog is to migrate content and configuration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 using a CSV import method

Presentation: Freelancing for Drupal: A How-to Guide to Success Is there REALLY money sitting out there just waiting for you to put on your Freelance hat and.. Drupal User Guide Introduction Pre-installation Instructions How to Install and Configure How to Use the Mailjet Subscription Form Mailjet Contacts Mailjet Campaigns Mailjet Triggered Marketing Mailjet Dashboard Mailjet My Account Mailjet Upgrade Troubleshooting Conclusio

We created this guide so Drupal users can identify and clean their hacked Drupal site. This is not meant to be an all-encompassing guide, but it addresses the most common infections we see. Common Indicators of a Hacked Drupal Site. Spam keywords in nodes and search engine content To make it easier for those who wish to publish calendar events in several different calendars on different websites at Lund University, a calendar sharing service is offered via calendar.prodwebb8.lu.se. A majority of the websites at Lund University are connected to this service

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This Drupal XML sitemap module has been made specifically for Drupal 8. Needless to say, the codebase complies by the OOP and Drupal 8 standards. Which makes it more futuristic and flexible. It generates Drupal XML sitemaps that adhere to Google's latest standards and even supports multilingual content Drupal 9 The next generation of Drupal is here. The most powerful Open Source CMS just got stronger. With best-in-class flexibility, speed and scale, Drupal 9 takes the platform to the next level Find untranslated strings with the language link on this page (in Drupal 8), or adjust the filters for other projects. Submit suggestions for untranslated strings. Exported versions of approved translations are regularly saved, so once your suggestions are approved, they will be available in the exported translation files shortly This style guide proposal for Drupal 8 core and contributed modules is intended to help shape and direct administrative UI development, with the goal being a theme- and brand-consistent administrative user experience. This node introduces design element proposals and related discussion. The evolution of the project can also be followed at Hi BV52, Thanks for your reply. So to confirm, can Drupal house a course shell like Moodle. The reason I ask is that we'd like to review the training content on Drupal prior to having the training course moved to Moodle when it is upgraded

Others may use an existing software package from a company like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, which can provide a theme, design, and templates. When using existing website software, the site owner doesn't build the whole site by creating code, style sheets and scripts, but only provides the content (such as photos, images, and text) Learn Drupal Online At Your Own Pace. Start Today and Become an Expert in Days. Join Millions of Learners From Around The World Already Learning On Udemy Guide To Drupal Your first step towards publishing with the most powerful open source web content management system. Robert J. Safuto Updated on 01/07/2011. You can always find the latest downloadable version of Beginner's Guide To Drupal at http://learnbythedrop.com/beginners-guide-to-drupal The guide was originally created as a supplement to the Getting the most out of Drupal session hosted by our co-founder Suzanne during MidCamp 2021, and it stands alone as a practical and accessible Drupal 101 that covers all the essentials

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Drupal 8 core still lacks a great way to install a new site using pre-existing configuration from a different site, but several solutions are available: Core Patches Several core issues address the need of installing Drupal from pre-existing config, but for the specific case of importing configuration from a *profile*, the patch in issue #2788777 is currently the most promising It is first recommended to turn off Drupal caching in order to avoid potential issues. On your Drupal 8 admin dashboard, click Configuration — Performance — Caching and select No caching. You should also uncheck the Aggregate CSS files and Aggregate JavaScript files in Bandwidth optimization and finally hit clear all caches. 2

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Posts about drupal guide written by talhatrainingseo. Course Id: TDW - 67 Course Price: BDT 2,200 Number of Classes: 2 Class Hour: 8 hours/day (Total 16 hours) Start Date: Friday, August 12, 2011 End Date: Saturday, August 13, 2011 Days: Friday & Saturday Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 P With Drupal 8 you can optimize as well as make your website SEO friendly, way before you add content to it. It provides a hassle-free user experience when it comes to maintaining SEO norms. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to pull-off your Drupal 8 website's SEO. Optimization or Search Engine Optimization Drupal 7 Fields/CCK Beginner's Guide helps you to get started quickly and to get beyond the basics to take full advantage of the fields system. It covers the key features of Drupal 7 fields that will help you get your Drupal 7 website up and running with a step-by-step approach to building a Drupal 7 website with the new fields system Guide for installing, configuring and using the Mailjet module in Drupal 7. Drupal User Guide

Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8: Episode 1 - Authoring Experience Improvements. This blog series will attempt to enumerate the major changes in Drupal 8 for end-users, for site builders, for designers and front-end developers, and for back-end developers. Posted by Angela Byron on 05/07/201 This is the ultimate beginners guide to High Performance for Drupal. YOUR MISSION. Your newly launched Drupal site is slow, what can you do? This you'll learn here in a practical, easy to understand and useful way for both Drupal 7 and 8. Drupal Performance can be divided broadly into 4 Categories: Server; Client; Modules; Databas The Drupal Training Guide V 1.0 Page 7 2.3 Add Images and Documents to Your Page 2.3.1 Add an Image to Your Page 1. Place your cursor in the text editor and click on the Add Media icon on the Editor Toolbar. 2. Click on the Library (MBP) tab to access your site's images. 3. Click on the Images folder and view the thumbnai The Drupal XML Sitemap module lets you create xml sitemaps that adheres to the sitemap.org guidelines. Sitemaps generated can be automatically submitted to search engines like Google, Ask, Bing, etc. The module is also flexible and comes with submodules that allow site admins to customize links and the output Discover an information packed e-book with contributions from Drupal experts. This guide covers changes, features, and updates in the latest release. Skip to main navigation X We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted advertisements. Read about.

Guide to the Drupal 8.8 Update Ju Vanderwater , Dan Montgomery , Ofer Shaal, Bec White Dec 20, 2019 If you're currently running a Drupal 8 site and are interested in upgrading to Drupal 9 when it is released in the summer of 2020, the first step is to update to the recently-released Drupal 8.8 Drupal 8 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Drupal 8 [Burge, Stephen, McCourt, Cindy] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Drupal 8 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Drupal Decoupled Drupal has become an increasingly popular approach to building enterprise-grade websites, and has the full-throated support of Drupal community leaders. Using Gatsby in a decoupled Drupal setup allows your team to access the powerful content modeling and access workflow capabilities of Drupal 8, as well as the powerful UI creation & performance toolset of Gatsby Drupal recently launched its latest version, Drupal 9. Get to know all about its new features and upgrade guide in this article. Drupal 9 Features and Upgradation Guide - DZone Web De

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Drupal User's Guide: Building and Administering a Successful Drupal-Powered Web Site by Emma Jane Hogbin Let the Drupal 8 migration begin! First, we need to create a custom module for our Drupal 8 migration. Let's name this module as test_migrate. And we know that after creating a custom module we need to create the info.yml file. Above screenshot shows keys that are required for info.yml A Beginner's Guide To Drush: The Drupal Shell How To Declare Your Own Drush Commands with your VPS Tutorial A Beginner's Guide To Drush: The Drupal Shell Drupal. By danny.sipos. Published on June 25, 2013; About Drush. Drush is an awesome shell interface for managing Drupal right from your cloud server command line. It is a very useful tool as.

Contributor guide; Groups & meetups; DrupalCon; Code of conduct; Documentation. Documentation; Drupal Guide; Drupal User Guide; Developer docs; API.Drupal.org; Drupal code base. Download & Extend; Drupal core; Modules; Themes; Distributions; Governance of community. About; Web accessibility; Drupal Association; About Drupal.org; Terms of service; Privacy polic The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 is the most comprehensive book for building web sites using the powerful and extensible Drupal content management framework. Written by active community members and contributors (some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the Drupal community, to quote Angela Byron, Drupal 7 maintainer), the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 covers the basics then quickly.

H5P empowers everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content - all you need is a web browser and a web site that supports H5P. Drupal installation guides | H5P. H5P - Create and Share Rich HTML5 Content and Applications. Enter your keywords Drupal to WordPress: Site Migration Guide (Step-by-Step) By Marshall Reyher | Last Updated: March 1, 2021. Do you have a website built using Drupal that you'd like to transfer to self-hosted WordPress? While Drupal is a great content management system, maybe you wish to try something new Our developers have written extensively about planning, executing, and optimizing Drupal migration projects over the years, and all that content is more relevant than ever. If you're planning to migrate your site to Drupal 9 in 2021, add this collection of expert guides to your bookmarks

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In addition to articulating the foundation and expression of the Seven theme and core modules, this style guide aspires to be a help to Drupal's contrib developers and themers as well. For contrib module developers, this guide hopes to provide design patterns and styles that can be used as templates for a module's administrative UI, creating consistency beyond the default Drupal install A Guide for Upgrading a Drupal 7 Website to Drupal 8 . Hamza Zia . February 20, 2017 . 5 Min Read. Follow @Cloudways. Drupal 8 turned one in the November of 2016. It is about time that the Drupal 7 website owners and administrators should start considering upgrading the websites to Drupal 8 Other tools Some of the steps in the installation process can be performed with tools such as graphical applications for moving files and managing databases or tools that are provided by your.

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The Beginners Guide to Drupal 8. This class teaches you all of the essential concepts and knowledge you need to get started with Drupal 8. Drupal 8 65 lessons 3.03 hours Beginner . Start this class. How to Build Your First Drupal 8 Site. Are you ready to build your first. Drupal is content management software that celebrates 20 years anniversary. Drupal provides easy content authoring, reliable performance, excellent security, and flexibility for building the versatile, structured content to meet dynamic web experiences. Within this guide we'll describe how to easily install Drupal in the cloud using automatic or manual installation within an intuitive UI drupal_static() can also be used to access variables from any function. This is similar to using $_GLOBALS but drupal_static() gives you more control. For example, you can use drupal_static_reset() to clear out all static variables where clearing $_GLOBALS will remove essential Drupal variables. For example We made many important improvements to Drupal Commerce over the summer, including an improved promotions UI, BOGO offers, and product category conditions in the 2.8 release and full list price support with the 2.9 release.After a long sprint to the finish, we've now finally released 2.10, one of our largest releases to date that resolves 39 issues and feature requests

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Drupal 8 represents some fundamental architecture changes, and with them come lots of new and exciting vocabulary words. Composer? Events? Middleware? Oh my! One of the best ways to learn about these concepts is from the source—the source code of Drupal, that is. But stepping through the bootstrap process in a debugger is tedious and annoying In this guide, we will install Drupal on Debian 10/9 and Ubuntu 20.04/18.04. Drupal Prerequisites. Since Drupal is a PHP-driven CMS that is accessed from the front-end by users, you need to have a LAMP stack installed on your Debian/Ubuntu instance. LAMP is a software stack used for testing and deploying websites and comprises 3 major components Drupal training. We currently have a blended approach of Teams and online training. For our online how-to information please see our How-to guides; Drupal Essentials Teams Training Drupal Drop-in Surgeries; To discuss your training needs please email Web Support Team 116 translation groups; 7795 contributors; 24821 projects managed; 124782 releases parsed (0 in queue) 6304931 files scanned; 941986 strings to translat

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Decoupled Drupal: A Guide for Marketers January 25, 2018 | If you are considering a move to Drupal 8, or upgrading your current Drupal platform, it's likely that you've come across the term decoupled Drupal, aka headless Drupal. But do you know what it means and what the implications of.

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