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The Vector also benefits from being able to receive a grip, various magazine types, muzzles, sights and scopes, and a stock. This is one of the best PUBG weapons for close encounters. UMP9 Ammo: 9m The Groza is your best bet for an assault rifle and a worthy companion during the final firefights of the game where enemies are closely packed. Based on the weapon stats, the AUG A3, one of the.. Recommended SMG mods: Extended magazine - Absolutely vital to make the Vector and Uzi in particular shine, as the base, magazines are so shallow. Suppressor - High rate of fire plus near-silence is.. — PUBG (@PUBG) January 1, 2021 PUBG Weapons Tier List January 2021 S-Tier. AWM; M249; Groza; Classic, if not a bit boring. These weapons still reign due to their supremacy in terms of range

The Best Guns in PUBG AWM is a sniper rifle, which is equipped with a powerful optical sight and has great lethal force. With its help, you can detect enemies from afar and destroy them. M249 is a light machine gun, which is endowed with a high rate of fire and great lethal power The best PUBG guns - what are the weapons to take? Assault Rifles M416 AKM M16A4 SCAR-L SMGs Vector UMP9 Shotguns S12K S686 Pistols P18C Sniper Rifles Kar98k Mini 14 SKS Air Drop Weapons AWM M24 You likely already know PUBG's assault rifles can do some serious damage, and the overall best weapon found throughout any map or in any weapon category is the M416. Not only can it utilize all.. Weapon Base Damage Fire Rate Reload Duration Spawn Rate Avg. Accuracy Avg. Kill Distance ; MP5K : 33 : 0.066s : 4.58s : 6.36% : 14.62% : 14.9m : Micro UZI : 26 : 0.048s : 3.1s : 2.92% : 12.6% : 6.01m : PP-19 Bizon : 35 : 0.065s : 3.7s : 2.45% : 14.04% : 8.03m : Tommy Gun : 40 : 0.086s : 3.45s : 1.29% : 12.66% : 8.45m : UMP45 : 39 : 0.092s : 3.1s : 3.27% : 15.36% : 10.75m : Vector : 31 : 0.055s : 2.2s : 2.63% : 12.58% : 9.52 Weapon. Base Damage. Fire Rate. Reload Duration. Spawn Rate. Avg. Accuracy. Avg. Kill Distance. AKM. 47

PUBG: The best weapons in the game (PC, PS4, Xbox One) 1. PUBG: Best Pistols - Your best choice for obliterating someone at immediately close range. 2. PUBG: Best Submachine Guns - For when you need to rattle off a message to the enemy rather urgently... 3. PUBG: Best Shotguns - Up-close weaponry to. Here are the best long range weapons in PUBG. M24 Sniper - This sniper might be the most powerful of the bunch, and can generally kill a player with one shot to the head, no matter their health...

In the category of Snipers, stand out: AWM, M24 and Mini 14. One Assault Rifle that suits the class well is the M16A4, thanks to its unique versatility. Suggested set, with emphasis on the Snipers and M4A16 category. (Source: Adriano Camacho, PUBG Corporation)Source: Adriano Camacho, PUBG Corporation The most-deadly weapon combination in PUBG Mobile is that of the M416 and AWM. This assault plus sniper rifle combo is mostly preferred by players who love to snipe or are the support in their..

PUBG -List of Best Assault Rifles #1. SCAR-L Assault Rifle PUBG The powerful SCAR-L is a modern assault rifle that you can equip with a variety of addons. #2. M416 Assault Rifle PUBG This weapon is a good all-rounder with which you cannot do much wrong. It fires quickly, the... #3. Groza Assault. PUBGPUBG Corporation) The Groza is considered one of the better assault rifles in PUBG due to its high rate of fire and damage output. Perhaps for this reason it is only found in airdrops which means you will have to be careful when trying to grab this rifle

Monthly Weapons‎ - list of weapons that PUBG Corp added in Early Access. v · e Weapons. Firearms. Assault Rifles. AKM • AUG A3 • Beryl M762 • Groza • M16A4 • M416 • Mk47 Mutant • QBZ95 • SCAR-L • G36C‎‎‎. DMRs. Mini 14 • Mk14 EBR‎‎ • QBU • SKS • SLR • VSS Vintorez. Rifles. Winchester Model 1894 PUBG Season 8 is here and there's so much to look forward to. While we don't know a lot about what changes will be made to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, we can give you a head start by working out which weapons will be your best choices We ask some of India's top professional gaming athletes to list what they love about their favourite weapons in PUBG Mobile. Written by Soham Rane Published on 20.08.2020 · 7:50 UT

PUBG weapons guide: the best guns for getting a chicken

  1. PUBG Weapon Tier List. Find out what the top weapons are in PUBG with our PUBG Weapon Tier List.. Reddit user AnarchySwitch compiled a breakdown of the stats of each of Battlegrounds' weapons, providing a look at which firearms are the most powerful in each category. Though hit detection issues mean that some of these weapons might not get the job done as accurately as the below spreadsheet.
  2. Best Weapon Combo in PUBG. Your very first task upon landing from the airdrop is to search for weapons in crates, under the tables, inside the houses, in the watchtower sheds, or snatching them away from your enemies after knocking them down. None of these efforts will hold any value if you are not aware of the nature of weapons you are carrying
  3. TOP 10 BEST GUNS/WEAPONS IN PUBG MOBILE with TIPS AND TRICKS AND WEAPON GUIDE!Thank you for watching :D If you find this video any helpful, give feedback in.
  4. The M416 is a very reliable weapon that fires 5.56mm rounds and offers single-shot and fully-automatic firing options. The SCAR-L could very well be in this place, but the M416 offers a slightly..
  5. PUBG: strategy guide and best weapons. By. Leonard Manson. -. April 7, 2021. 0. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, popularly known by the acronym PUBG among Internet users, is a first-person shooter in the battle royale format launched in 2017. Its debut was a huge success among players from all over the world, starting a new niche in its.
  6. Here are the top 10 best weapons in PUBG Mobile after the latest update.. Top 10 Guns In PUBG Mobile. There is a new gun - FAMAS in the latest update 1.2. Besides, the game developers made some improvements in two popular bolt-action snipers, including Kar90k and M24
  7. PUBG LITE Survivor's Guide. Variant of the G36 rifle made in Germany. The C stands for 'compact'. A modernized version of the beloved classic. When you absolutely, positively, got to kill everyone in the room, accept no substitutes

Best Weapons in PUBG - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Wiki

  1. PUBG Mobile: What the Best Weapons Are. In a genuinely surprising turn of events, you can now play PUBG, in full, on your mobile phone. And while it would be easy to get bogged down on exactly how.
  2. Best Short Range Weapons in PUBG Mobile, the game features a ton of weapons for players to try out but not each of them are effective in short range, so here are your Top 5 Best short-range weapons in PUBG Mobile. Read more: Apex legends self-revive changes confirmed by Developers
  3. PUBG Mobile Season 12 is kicking off very soon and if you're jumping on, you'll need to know what are the best weapons to use! Advertisement PUBG Mobile made its way to the small screen nearly two years ago, but quickly developed its own meta and player base for those who want to take their Battle Royale on the go
  4. Some weapons are better than others in PUBG. Here are the best weapons and equipment players should go after the moment they land on the battlefield. PUBG is one of the biggest battle royale titles on the market.Standing strong alongside titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, this entry offers a more realistic and grounded battle royale experience

Top 10 Guns In PUBG Mobile #1. Mk14. This is the best weapon in this shooting game. This rare 7.62 DMR is only available in the airdrop. Its damage... #2. Groza. This rare 7.62 AR is also available in the airdrop like Mk14. Its hit point is similar to that of AKM. #3. M249. It's another rare weapon. PUBG Best Season Eight Weapons- M416 While the M416 isn't a supply crate weapon, it is definitely one of the best weapons in PUBG just because of its versatility. Players can kit the weapons out with a range of different attachments that can drastically change the way it is used PUBG Lite: Top 10 Best Guns In The Game. There are weapons that anyone can use in any playstyle, which is what makes them the top guns in this game This page contains a guide on the best weapon and equipment looting spots and areas in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), including popular and uncommon locations on the map, area names, typical loot obtained, and the risks involved in proceeding

PUBG weapons: The best Battlegrounds guns and attachments

  1. Best weapons in pubg. Discussion. I'm pretty new to pubg and I was wondering if anyone knows the current best weapons. 23 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 1 year ago
  2. Weapon Head Neck Clavicles Upper chest Lower chest Stomach Pelvis Upper limb Lower limb Hand/foot; Info for PUBG version — Generated 2021/04/03 contact.
  3. DBS PUBG gun is considered one of the best PUBG guns in PUBG. Until now, shotgun is a gun that quite a few players use because of its difficulty. However, in this PUBG update, Tencent has brought us one of the most destructive shotgun weapons.Some people love this weapon while others are not satisfied when they are faced with danger to obtain it
  4. We also discuss various aspects like best attachments for popular weapons and each weapon's ability to penetrate armor. Below is a weapon chart you can use to quickly jump to the weapon you want to see statistics for. Weapons with an asterisk (*) beside them indicate the best weapons in PUBG or the best weapons in their respective weapon class
  5. Here we will tell you about the best weapons in PUBG mobile, divided by categories. There are 9 categories of weapons in the game: melee weapons, pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, DMRs, sniper rifles, crossbows, machine guns. The list is compiled as the game progresses. PUBG weapon comparison will help you to pick the best one
  6. Best Weapon For PUBG Mobile Three Ways Showdown. 1. AR weapon for the Three Ways Showdown. Assault Rifle or abbreviated as AR is the most flexible type of weapon in PUBG Mobile. This weapon has the number of bullets in the magazine as much as 30, and it becomes 40 when you attach Extended Magazine

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The Best Weapon in Pubg 2020 That Will Make You Win

PUBG Mobile has many players with their respective gameplay in it. Players who are happy or skilled at fighting at long distances usually use the Sniper bolt action weapon. How far is Bullet Speed Sniper in PUBG Mobile? Bullet Speed Sniper PUBG Mobile. 1. Bullet Speed Sniper AWM. AWM is a Sniper Bolt Action weapon that you can only find in the Airdrop Box Supply or Flare Gun Box The best PUBG Mobile players in China concentrate and compete in PEL - the biggest esports tournament in China now and bring audiences the most spectacular performances. Here are the most favorite weapons of PEL players. #1. M41 Lethal Loadout: The Best PUBG Weapon Combinations! PUBG By Nick 'Lion' T. On November 14, 2017 No Comments. Build A Battle-Ready Loadout! PUBG has a lot of weapons, but the selection still isn't as broad as some titles. Nevertheless, they each serve a specific purpose and have their place in the game PUBG WEAPONS GUIDE: Before delving into the details of weapon stats, it is to be noted that the game developers keep updating the weapons, and stats might change in the future because there is always room for improvement

PUBG guns & weapons [Update 6.2] An understanding of the PUBG guns and how they all differ in terms of handling, damage, bullet velocity and so on is often the deciding factor in whether you survive the upcoming encounters. Below you'll find detailed stats and opinions on every single weapon in PUBG, so you can gain this understanding for yourself This article discusses the three best mid-range weapons in the PUBG Mobile game. 3 Best mid-range weapon in PUBG Mobile #1 M416: Image via PCCQuest.com LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE UPCOMING PUBG MOBILE GAMEPLAYPlayed On:IPad Mini TikTok:https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMexUvBdx/#RViperYT #PUBGMOBILE #PUBGM #PUBGVIDEO #.. The best PUBG weapons - and why. Now you have all the essential info, it's time to do a little thinking about how these play out in-game, because cold, hard stats aren't everything That is it for the complete list of weapons and attachments in PUBG as of September 2019 update 4.2 (Season 4). For more PUBG guides, please follow the links below: All Key Miramar Map Locations; Finding the Best Loot Locations in PUBG; How to Bind Crouch Jump in PUBG ; How to Get Crate Keys; PUBG Pioneer Crate Guide: What's Inside, and When.

Let's get into the details of PUBG weapons guide. I have divided the stats for each of the best weapons in PUBG into six categories. This includes Damage, Range, Stability, Rate of Fire, Ammo Capacity, and Attachments, each having a maximum score of 5. The accumulative score in all of these will then be combined and then averaged to give you. Best Short Range Weapons in PUBG Mobile, the game features a ton of weapons for players to try out but not each of them are effective in short range, so here are your Top 5 Best short-range weapons in PUBG Mobile. Read more: Apex legends self-revive changes confirmed by Developer Best PUBG Loadouts In the end, though, it is not about the best weapon, but the best possible loadout - combination of weapons that enable you to take over offensive and defensive tasks. Yes, AWM is an incredible sniper rifle, but would you rush an enemy into the house with it

PUBG Mobile Weapons - Melee. The Pan has the best damage, but in terms of DPS the Machete, the Crowbar and the Sickle are really the same 5 Best PUBG Weapons March 25, 2020 May 30, 2020 admin 0 Comments best, game, pubg, weapon. Featured image via PUBG Lite. 1. M24. M24 is used to be an air drop item but now it is spawnable. With this in hand, we could do the head shot that we always wanted to do Anyway, PUBG offers their players many cool weapon skins, and in this blog, I'll let you know which ones stand out from all the rest. Here is my top 10 PUBG weapon skins list. The Top 10 PUBG Weapon Skins 10) Turquoise Delight Available For: Kar98K, M16A4, P1911, and Tommy Gun. Players can find this weapon skin in Raider Crates Working out the best PUBG guns is undoubtedly the focus of PlayerUnknown's Battleground. Each of its numerous weapons are tuned for a combination of semi-realism and frightening lethality Top 10 PUBG Mobile Best Weapons . Updated: 26 Apr 2019 2:58 pm. Once upon a noob, who reloads out in the open. BY: Lori B. Want to kill a player less than 1 second? Fear not, we got you covered! Here are the top 10 guns in PUBG Mobile you can use and some helpful tips on what you should be picking. So sit tight and get ready to shoot

top 10 best weapons in pubg mobile. Patriciabreidrm. Jul 31, 2019. PUBG: 5 Best Weapons In The Game (& The 5 Worst) PUBG features a lot of weapons for players to choose from but some of them are much better than others. By Kuldeep Thapa Published Jun 28, 2020 The right type of weapon in the given situation may save your character's life and ultimately win you the chicken dinner. If you want to know which seven weapons in no particular order are the best in PUBG Mobile, then follow this quick guide for all the info you need When you play PUBG you get lot of weapons.Sometimes its hard to find Best Weapons in PUBG.If you area new player or an experienced player but never search that which PUBG Weapon suits you most.Choosing the right weapon is very important.. Because the situations and the location matters most.If you are loooking for some of the PUBG best and powerful Weapons then your at the right place

The best PUBG guns - what are the weapons to take

The Best Weapons to Take in PUBG Mobile. Admit it, when you're in a field of 99 crazed shooters going free-for-all battle royale, you will need a stockpile of all-around weapons to survive and salvage chicken dinner. When the only rule is to be the last man (or team) standing, hiding and running around will not cut it As of recently, PUBG updates have seemed very repetitive. There's typically a new weapon, vehicle, a few UI additions, and a load of bug fixes. There are no issues with the new content, but it would be nice to see PUBG Update 2.0!. I have created a list of content I'd like to see implemented into the game along with my reasoning

10 Best PUBG Weapons To Blow Your Enemies Apart With. With a steadily expanding pool of weapons to blow your opponents up with, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of guns to pick from in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds To win the chicken dinner, players need to choose the best weapons. Since PUBG allows players to carry two primary weapons, the combination of weapons becomes important The best combination of attachments for this weapon would be compensator and an extended mag. QBU and QBZ. Both these weapons are Sanhok specials; you won't find them anywhere else in PUBG Mobile. This is one of the best combinations for the Sanhok map; one is great at handling close fights where the other one is prepared for long-range Crusade

PUBG: The best weapons in the game (PC, PS4, Xbox One) PUBG News. PUBG teases new desert map Karakin, and it could replace Vikendi . PUBG Gameplay guides. PUBG: Best landing spots guide . Prev Next . Call of Duty. All ; Call of Duty News ; Call of Duty Features PUBG Mobile is still dominating the ranking of the most popular games on Mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Gamers are still working hard to get to the top, show off their achievements with friends, and contribute significantly in the game play process are the weapons and how to use them in the game We share some PubG Mobile Advanced Tips and Tricks to kill, survive, revive, best places to loot, secret places to hide, cheats, best guns, weapons armors and some advanced tips to win this game. This is a survival game, we all fight and survival last long to win a game for winner winner chicken dinner

Assault Rifles (AR) are a type of weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS. 1 Summary 2 Update history 3 Data 4 Guides 5 Related Achievements 6 Navigation Assault Rifles are weapons with medium-high ammo capacity and the ability to place a lot of rounds downrange quickly. While they don't boast the ammo limit of Light Machine Guns, they trade it for a much higher accuracy. Similarly, there is a trade-off with. The best execution of an upgradable weapon currently in PUBG Mobile, this skin starts off impressive and evolves to something outstanding when at max level. If youre looking for a skin that looks as impressive for the user as it does to other players, then the Call of the Wild is an excellent choice sportshubnet.com - Best Legends at Every Position In PES 2021: PES 2021 Iconic Players Image Credit - Instant Gaming HOME » ESPORTS » Best Guns in PUBG Mobile: Best

The Best Guns in PUBG Digital Trend

BEST WEAPONS PUBG, GENERAL CLASSIFICATION ASSAULT RIFLES The complete list of assault rifles on PUBG. This type of weapon is considered the best one of the game... PUMP GUNS These rifles are perfect for cleaning houses and buildings. Their flaw is that they aren't effective if you're... SNIPER. Find out which is the best guns to use in PUBG Mobile and the bad guns to avoid here! MUST-READ: This ranking is NOT OFFICIAL, It is sorted by each weapon's versatility and time to kill (TTK). * Airdrop weapons are not included since it is hard to find Best Weapon Tier List. In PUBG Mobile, only the best guns can get you to the top! Weapons ranked in this list are based from the GameWith's team's experience - considering effectiveness, stats, damage, etc We already have a weapons guide for PUBG Mobile, but it is nearly a year old.The game has changed quite a lot since then, and lots of weapons were added to the maps - especially with the latest zombie update.Therefore, we have decided to update our guide: Below, you will see PUBG Mobile weapon tables with detailed info, our recommendations for each category, and some tips and tricks.

With so many weapons in PUBG Mobile's arsenal, it might get confusing for players which are the best ones to carry around. The list in this article includes the best spawn weapon from each category except shotguns. M416. The M416 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the game PUBG: The best weapons in the game (PC, PS4, Xbox One) PUBG News. PUBG teases new desert map Karakin, and it could replace Vikendi . PUBG Gameplay guides. PUBG: Best landing spots guide . Prev Next . Call of Duty. All ; Call of Duty News ; Call of Duty Features ; Call of Duty Gameplay guides Of course this PUBG tips guide is not overlooking other attachments - pick up any muzzle and grips you find along the way as they drastically improve weapon handling. The Pan is the best melee. Welcome to the Official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Best Loadout Guides page! This page has some of our suggested best loadouts for various playstyles. They're roughly sorted into four classes - Assault, Defense, Close Quarters, and Ranged. If you have any suggested changes for these classes, please let us know on this page's talk page! 1 Explaining the Classes 1.1 Assault Loadout 1.2.

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PUBG AR Weapon Stats Damage Charts & PUBG Best Weapons

Instead, use other weapons. VSS ( automatic sniper) VSS ( automatic sniper). Your firing location disappears from the map while using VSS. It's a unique feature of VSS. However, a single good feature doesn't match the gun best. You should use the gun with high damage and best recoil to win PUBG matches. But VSS is silent weapons without. All players want the best weapons and the best extra accessories. But at PUBG, your equipment depends on what you find on the playing field. It won't always be easy to get an AWM with a long range scope, so learn how to use all weapons , trading when you find something better. In addition to luck, PUBG needs preparation If you have ideas to improve the Weapon Mastery system, ideas for future rewards, or any other thoughts on the best way to grow and progress as a PUBG player, please let us know. Some of the Weapon Mastery team will be doing an AMA on Reddit on 04/22/2019 from 10am to 1pm ET, which we'll link through our social channels The 'Best Weapon' is not necessarily the best for everyone. It's more like, which weapon you are very good at. Some are good at every weapon, some have their own preferences. I'll focus my answer on which weapon I think is the best in their respective category, and why. I'll also skip on the crate weapons like Mk-14, AWM, Groza etc. as they are no doubt good, but not accessible to.

Apex Legends Best Weapons | All The Best Weapons And WhichMeet Arkham Knight: the new Batman character created byPixel PUBG Game - Play Pixel PUBG on Round Games

PUBG: The best weapons in the game (PC, PS4, Xbox One

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 will launch new weapons in most of the existing maps, including Royale Pass Season 7.... PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Officially Released New Gun G36C PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta with New Gun G36C PUBG Mobile is an awesome survival game where you will.. AKM is the best weapon for early game in PUBG Mobile. That becomes especially true when you just landed and you found the AKM. The gun does incredible damage to non-armored targets. In the end, it is easy to see why AKM is almost always the preferred weapon of choice for many players. Except the Groza, which is a drop only gun, the AKM has. PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: Top 5 Best Weapons You Should Use #1 Machine GUN. Yes, you read that right! The all-new Zombie Mode has introduced a new machine gun which is known as... #2 Flamethrower. Flamethrower is the second weapon that has been added on the PUBG Mobile. This is a type of gun that.... However, other selections of weapons such as 7.62, have better traits than others. It's your choice to find which one best suits your playstyle in PUBG. 7.62 weapons deal much more damage than other weapons, though they lack in firing speed compared to the other weapons. Crate weapons are excluded from this guide. The current weapons that.

PUBG Best Guns - All the PUBG Gun Damage Stats, Weapon

Without a doubt, these weapons are the game changer but there are several other weapons available in PUBG which can help you win the game like a pro. Between sub-machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and pistols, it can be tricky to select the best weapon as per your gameplay Best Sniper Rifles In PUBG Mobile. There is a GOD-tier sniper rifle, six Tier-1 SRs, and two Tier-4 SRs. VSS and Win94 are the two most underrated SRs in this game. Whereas, AWM is the only GOD-tier weapon of this category. It's also the only gun that guarantees a kill in one shot even when the enemy wears a level-3 helmet

PUBG: strategy guide and best weapons EarnGuru

Best Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile 1. Groza. Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles that you can take to the virtual battleground. The weapon is best suited for mid-to-close-range engagements and can easily take down enemies with a single shot. It also offers a decent rate of fire at 7.62mm. Players can easily acquire a Groza through. Some will also help you regulate your weapon's recoiling effect. The best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile is possible herein. 4. Make use of the Gyroscope to aim better in PUBG Mobile. The PUBG Gyroscope controls will help you track your game's movement through the screen orientation and the device's motion You should also pair this weapon with an 8x scope, a suppressor, and bullet loops. Best Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile Groza . The OTs-14 Groza or Groza is the powerful and deadliest Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile which can only be found in Air Drops. It offers base damage of 49 and uses 7.62mm rounds with a mag capacity of 30 bullets PUBG Mobile is arguably one of the most popular mobile games in India. If you haven't yet played the game, jumping in now might seem a little daunting.Here's a look at some weapons beginners. Also Read - 5 reasons why we think Karakin is the best PUBG map yet. 5 best weapons on Karakin map. Now, we won't be ranking these weapons, but we will try to include one weapon from each class

SLR | PUBG MOBILE - zilliongamerFallout 4: how to join the Railroad and finish the Road toValorant Phoenix Guide | Ability List, Best Weapons To UseFallout 4: Far Harbor DLC guide: side quests, weaponsPUBG Mobile AUG A3 - Stats, Attachments Setup & SkinsStrategy For Using Free Fire's New Chrono Character

Best Weapons in Pubg Mobile & PC according to Pro players. Sayan Dey Last Updated: November 25, 2018 Games, How To 1 Comment. Contents show Damage statistics of PUBG Weapons (Updated) If you are into video games then you must be an admirer of the Battle royal games, and while PUBG is. Top 10 Best And Deadly Weapons In PUBG. Although the shooting games are almost as old as the games themselves, the merit of the rise and fame of the Battle Royale genre can be attributed to PUBG. This survival game confronts 100 players in a battle where only one can remain. If you have just hooked up to the game or plan to do so, you should. PUBG loot can be found all over the place, but spend some real time with the game and you'll quickly realise some places are consistently better than others.. The best PUBG loot locations, despite. 10 Best PUBG Weapons In Mobile - There Is A Weapon For Every Situation A PUBG Weapons Guide To The Best Assault Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, SMGs, Light Machine Guns and Frying Pans to cook The Most Delicious Chicken Dinner. by. Kristein October 5, 2018, 2:00 pm 5.2k Views

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