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The third creature in our list of mythical creatures hails from the East. Al-mi'raj is a mythical creature in Islamic mythology which is basically a hare (rabbit) with a single horn on its forehead much like a unicorn. Al-mi'raj lived on a mysterious island named Jezîrat al-Tennyn within Indian Ocean. Image Credit: xenothere.deviantart.co 11. Aqrabuamelu. The aqrabuamelu, or scorpion man, is a monstrous creature that originated in ancient Mesopotamia, specifically in Babylonian creation myths. They are a hybrid of a scorpion and a. At some point in the past, unicorns were retconned to fart rainbows, which perfectly encapsulates their anything-goes mythology. In picture books for under-fives, the unicorn remains a popular central figure. Where to find one: In Neil Gaiman's Stardust, Tristan rescues a unicorn from a deadly fight with a lion. Basilisk Mermaid Art. Shark Mermaid. Magical Creatures. Mythical Sea Creatures. Creature Design. Adaro. Solomon Islands. Hy-Brasil is a phantom island which features in many Irish myths. The island is said to be cloaked in mist except for one day every seven years, when it becomes visible but still cannot be reached Top 10 Greatest Mythological Creatures and Legendary Creatures of Myth and Folklore Werewolf: Wolf-human shapeshifter (Global Culture) Dragon: Depicted as fire breathing and winged (Global Culture) Chimera: Hybrid Fire-breathing creature (Greek Mythology) Loch Ness Monster: Aquatic monster (Scottish.

The most famous is Chiron, who was taught by Apollo and Artemis, and himself taught such pupils as Aesculapius, Achilles, and Hercules. Fauns, on the other hand, are a mythical creature that is half man and half goat, divided, again, at the waist. The most famous faun is Pan, the inventor of the panpipes, and a god There are mystical mythical creatures that inhabit land, the sea and the air. Many have their basis in Mythology and some have emerged from cultural folklore. They range from monstrous creatures and chimera , hybrids like the Minotaur of ancient Greece, to humanoid mythicals like the mischievous elves of the Norse

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dodore - these are little people in the Solomon Islands have one eye, one leg, and long red hair, and they don't seem to be friendly. djinn - these are supernatural beings of Arabian mythology who can be conjured up for aid. However, they are malicious tricksters and shape shifters Wikimedia list article. The following is a list of lists of legendary creatures, beings and entities from the folklore record. Entries consist of legendary and unique creatures, not of particularly unique individuals of a commonly known species Artist - NKirouac, Digital Sketch - Baba Yaga, nkirouac.ca, mythical-creatures-and-beasts.com. Baba Yaga - Frail looking woman with jewelry made of bones. Artist - NKirouac, Digital Sketch - Banshee, nkirouac.ca, mythical-creatures-and-beasts.com. Banshee - A young woman, a distinguished matron or a tousled old hag

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1,068 Free images of Mythical Creatures. Related Images: unicorn dragon fantasy fairy creature monster mermaid mystical fairy tales. 863 702 103. Fantasy Landscape. 654 652 94. Horse Pegasus Archway. 389 636 44. Animal Creature Equine. 653 577 68. Glowworm Composing. 263 405 20. Creature Faery Fairy. 218 354 28. Animal Beast Creature. 504 530. Hippocamps: Known to be the creatures that Poseidon rode, seahorses were called Hippocamps as per Greek Mythology. Hydra: A snake with 9 heads, this has been featured in many movies. It is not a natural creature and known to have been raised to earth by the wife of Zeus, Hera. It was brought with the objective of killing Hercules 30,889 mythical creatures stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See mythical creatures stock video clips of 309 creature greek creatures mythical beasts mythical vector half horse, half man fish tail mythological animals majestic unicorn medusa mythology mythical These are the most famous Greek mythical creatures with pictures! 1. Cerberus. In the underworld, Hades had a three-headed dog named Cerberus. Cerberus would keep Hades company as well as guard the entrance of the underworld so that no one could enter to steal souls

Here, we will list some of the most powerful and popular mythical creatures that fascinate us in every little way imaginable. So, let's witness the list of 20 Most Mysterious Mythical Creatures . We are sure that you will love this presentation 10 Interesting Mythical Creatures List With Pictures. By. Jasdeep Kaur Chandi-July 5, 2015. 2. 2175. Share. WhatsApp. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Every once in a while when we come across different mythical creatures depicted in movies and described in books, we get mesmerized with them These are the 14 most badass mythical creatures, including Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, the Loch Ness Monster, and more Mythological Creatures and animals, with unicorn, Phoenix, sphinx, centaur, pegasus, bird, cerberus, griffin, pharaoh and Eagle vector illustration. ID: 2A7NPCT (RF Contents1 according to japanese legend what creature was used as the foundation of the earth?2 mythological humanoid creatures3 mythical animals4 fantasy animals5 mythological animals6 popular mythical creatures7 coolest mythical creatures8 animals myths9 magical animals10 mystical animals11 cute mythical creatures12 top 10 mythical creatures13 top mythical creatures14 myths animals15 cool.

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While certainly high up on the list of paranormal creatures, the Mothman may or may not be considered a cryptid, depending on your personal theory. The creature first appeared back in 1966 in the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Multiple eyewitnesses reported a large humanoid creature with glowing eyes and huge wings Fairy Mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore. Fiura Evil creature in Chilean mythology, a small, nasty woman with large breasts. Giant Monsters of human appearance but prodigious size and strength. Gnome Typically said to be a small humanoid that lives underground This is a list of legendary creatures from mythology, folklore and fairy tales, sorted by their classification or affiliation. Creatures from modern fantasy fiction and role-playing games are not included List of Mythical Creatures A-C. Alicorn - The name for a winged unicorn.; Banshee - A spirit appearing as a frenzied old woman whose high pitched shriek prophesied a death soon to come.; Basilisk - A legendary lizard who could kill a man with its stare.; Bigfoot - A type of Sasquatch native to North American forests.; Black Dog - An evil spirit dog that stalks city streets at night

A-Z of mythical monsters and legendary creatures for 36 Days of Type, 201 List of Mythical CreaturesA-C. Alicorn - The name for a winged unicorn. Banshee - A spirit appearing as a frenzied old woman whose high pitched shriek prophesied a death soon to come. Basilisk - A legendary lizard who could kill a man with its stare. Bigfoot - A type of Sasquatch native to North American forests Originally they are described as winged beings, a tetrad of living creatures, each having four faces: of a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a man. They are said to have the stature and hands of a man, the feet of a calf, and four wings.) Chimaera. (A monstrous beast which is part lion, goat and snake.) D: Dragons

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421 Free photos of Mythical Creatures. 726 574 76. Fantasy Landscape. 446 432 43. Horse Pegasus Archway. 584 511 62. Glowworm Composing. 401 409 34 Thanboddhay Paya is rich in decorations, it's guarded by mythical creatures, such as human-headed manusiha lion, sitting on the corner, amid pagodas, Buddha images and fine carvings, Monywa, Myanmar Felted fairy-tale fairy - homemade fairy tale characters and creatures May 30, 2020 - Explore Ryn's board Mythical creatures list on Pinterest. See more ideas about mythical creatures, creatures, fantasy creatures Griffon. Griffons are half eagle half lion creatures that love to eat horses. They nest on cliffs. they are slightly larger then a horse. They are Endangered because of Habitat Loss. they can live to be 30 years old All kinds of creatures, from fierce leopards to tiny spiders, play important roles in mythology. A myth can give special meaning or extraordinary qualities to common animals such as frogs and bears. Related: Literacy • Good to Read • Mythology • othe

The following is a list of lists of legendary creatures, beings and entities from the folklore record. Entries consist of legendary and unique creatures, not of particularly unique individuals of a commonly known species 10. Nuckelavee. The Nuckelavee is a winter monster from the Orkney Islands, a creature that will surely send a chill up your bones! Said to be a type of demon, the Nuckelavee is trapped in the sea for most of the year by the Mither o' the Sea, a powerful female sea spirit Mythical artwork featuring vampires, werewolves, demons, and more. Hand-picked collections by our editor can be viewed free or purchased as prints. I am proud to announce that we now have multiple partnerships with online retailers such as Zazzle.com and Art.com, which allow us to provide you with a growing collection of free-to-view mythical artwork and monster images When it comes to supernatural and mythical creatures, it isn't a surprise that vampires claim a spot on the list. The pictorial representation of the vampire, be it in the movies or even in the books, has ingrained a very vivid picture of what these creatures are like and what their motives are

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  1. After the Twilight debacle, I have come to realize that our ancestors were way more creative in making creatures genuinely frightening, here is my collection of 10 of the most terrifying ones-We suggest you checkout our sequel list, which is about the greatest mythical heroes, if you like this subject
  2. 45 SCARY AND DISTURBING MYTHICAL CREATURES FROM AROUND THE WORLD Adze Grootslang Inkanyamba Ammit Togo, Ghana South Africa South Africa Vampire that transforms into a firefly, biting people in their sleep and killing them. Gigantic, winged eel with a voracious appetite that is associated with brutal storms
  3. Way too underrated on this list. Hydra is a big snake creature with 7 heads, and for every head you cut off, it grows 2 more. Killing this thing would be near impossible without skill and strategy. Should be higher on the list. One of the most terrifying, and dangerous mythical creatures out there
  4. Atlantis Digital Art Fairy Glamour Fantasy Artwork Mermaid Mythical Creatures Rachel Anderson Sea Life Under the Sea. Ultramarine - Beyond the Sea - Rachel Anderson. Dolphins of Atlantis, and Spies of the Mermaids, what is it that you Sea - when you look upon a Dolphin? Ultramarine - Beyond the Sea - Rachel Anderso
  5. The most common mythical horse creatures are the Pegasus, Unicorn, Centaur, Kelpie, and Hippogriff. These mythical horses have played important roles in many different cultures, often being portrayed as powerful and important creatures
  6. Cetan - hawk spirit (Native American - Lakota tribe of North and South Dakota) Chalkydri - heavenly creatures of the Sun ( apocryphal writings) Chamrosh - body of a dog, head & wings of a bird (Persian Myth) Chol ( Biblical mythology ) - regenerative bird
  7. Phasmatocoris labyrinthicus is the only creature on our list with fairly decent eyesight, which it needs to presumably take flight and travel to entirely new caves in search of a mate. As a species of true bug—the order Hemiptera—its mouthparts are fused into a single beaklike straw, which it uses to inject paralyzing venom into its prey and suck out their liquefied innards

As I look at my list of mythical creatures, But in case you don't, here is a picture. So, a winged unicorn is basically a Pegasus, with a horn. They can be really cool, and in Persian Assyria winged unicorns are symbols of evil, which calls back to the original, darker mythological traits associated with unicorns The beautiful bird of ancient Assyrian, Greek, and Egyptian legend, and one of my favorites because of its inferences to resurrection and rebirth. Click here for more details and picture. Python. The serpent belonging to mother earth at her temple in Delphi. The god Apollo slew the beast and claimed the sanctuary for himself. Scyll 15 Most Horrific Mythical Creatures Of All Time. The scariest creatures of our nightmares are often born out of the imagination. They come from the very depths of darkness and our unspoken fears. However, throughout history, many different creatures. By Justin Messer Published May 16, 2016

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Monsters Mythical Creatures List With Pictures. Huge List Of Mythical Creatures By Element Area And Other Mythical Creatures List Mythical Creatures Drawings Greek Mythical Creatures. Save Image. Creatures 2 Mythological Creatures Mythical Monsters Myths Monsters Mythical Creatures List Mythological Creatures Fantasy Creatures Creature Picture Urban Legends Stories For Kids Greek Mythology Art Reference Fairy Tales More information More like thi What the ancient Egyptians called the creature modern cultures know as a sphinx is unknown because the name sphinx actually comes from a Greek word meaning strangler. The Greeks used the depiction of this creature in their own mythology after encounters with the Egyptians but referring to it in their own language which makes the original name for this feminine feline become lost to time

Feng Huang, or Phoenix, is one of the four famous Chinese mythical creatures. It symbolizes sun, warmth, summer and harvest. Feng Huang is said to be born of fire and is considered the emperor of all birds. A pair of male and female Feng Huang together is the symbol of everlasting love. It is also the emblem of the Empress of China. 6. Qilin (麒麟 Several mythical creatures abound. However, we shall be examining the top 10 most powerful mythical creatures. They are dragons, vampires, werewolves, zombies, basilisk, yeti, siren, Kraken, chimera, bigfoot, etc. Continue reading to know more about each creature. 1. Dragons. Origin of it is quite impossible to say, but some cultures in India. Fantasy & Mythical Creatures Symbolism & Meaning. Below is a list of all Fantasy & Mythical Creatures Symbolism & Meanings articles. More are added every week so check back often! Scroll down below the articles or click to read about Fantasy & Mythical Creatures Symbolism & Meanings Being *a bit* of a fantasy lover, I couldn't pass up a chance to feature new releases starring magical creatures. Unicorns, fairies, mermaids, dragons, giant fish monsters. They are all here, folks. You'll have a hard time keeping these on your shelves. Check out the other posts in my 2019 Picture Books series: Books Featuring Babie We listed the creatures in Egyptian Mythology. A password will be e-mailed to you. Password recover

Mythical Creatures List. 3,365 likes. Over 3,000 in the database bringing you a unique creature each day. All mythical creatures are/ were believed to be.. Mythical Creatures List. 3,371 likes · 1 talking about this. Over 3,000 in the database bringing you a unique creature each day. All mythical creatures.. Fantasy Creatures Wiki . Fantasy Beings . Fantasy Creatures List With Definitions . Popular Fantasy Creatures. Mythical And Fantasy Creatures. List Of All Fantasy Creatures. Pics Of Fantasy Creatures. Cool Fantasy Creatures Many stories revolve around these creatures eating children and unborn fetuses. In human form they appear normal, and are quiet, shy, and elusive. At night, they transform into the deadly beast. One key feature of the aswang is its bloodshot eyes. In the Middle Ages, the aswang was the most feared among the mythical creatures in the Philippines

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Web Pages about Mythical creatures, featuring Dragons, Demons, Gods and Goddesses, Egyptian Mythology, Mayan Mythology, Celtic Mythology, Greek Mythology and Norse Mytholog A mythical creature with the body of a lion and a human head. In Greek tradition, it has the haunches of a lion, the wings of a great bird, and the face of a woman. She is mythicised as treacherous and merciless. Those who cannot answer her riddle suffer a fate typical in such mythological stories,. In African mythology, the Grootslang is a mythical creature said to be an elephant-sized serpent or a creature with both elephant and snake characteristics. Hippogriff Residenc

Mythical Creatures - The Ultimate List of Mythological Creatures October 23, 2019 June 11, 2017 by Metin From the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to the oral tradition of Inuits and urban legends of the present day, mythical creatures are an integral part of any folklore or mythological account. 7 mysterious Japanese mythical creatures. Japanese mythology, based on animistic tradition and belief in spirits, is full of fantastic creatures with animal-like appearance and magical powers. Many of them are Yokai (demons), and they produce fear and terror. 1. Ubum

The 11 Most Bizarre Mythical Creatures From Ohio. via Wikimedia Commons. Ohio can get creepy. Everyone has a story, something they saw in the woods or the side of the road. Something they can't explain. But what you may not know is that according to cryptozoologists, Ohio is a hotbed for creature activity Mythical Creature Images Set Silhouette collection of mythological people, monsters, creatures: Fairy, elf, nymph, magician, unicorn, gin, dragon, hydra, chimera, mermaid, griffin, sphinx, vampire. Hand drawn vector illustration, se Fairies are mythical creatures that appear in the folklores from almost all cultures and countries. They are often described as small and beautiful human-like beings with a pair of wings. However, in some cultures all magical creatures, including gnomes and goblins, are referred to as fairies If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-GrungeMyths are called myths for a reason, because they're untrue, stories told by ancient people who.

Many of the beings on the mythical creatures list will probably be familiar to you - such as unicorns, sasquatch, leprechauns and dwarves, but an exploration of the map may inspire you to find out more about other legendary beings, which could be less familiar, such as the sleek and scary Namibian Flying Snake or Colombia's weird yet frightening hag known as La Tunda No creature symbolizes eternal life more than the phoenix, a mythical bird known as much for its beauty as its immortality. The legend of the phoenix appears in a variety of ancient mythologies, including Greek, Egyptian and Indian. It is usually depicted as an eagle or other bird of prey, but may also resemble a heron in its delicate majesty

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The mythical creature was said to be friendly, and sightings of fairies were quite frequent. During the 1990s however, interest died down and the Society closed up shop. Recently, Dr. Simon Young re-launched only to find that fairy sightings are back with a vengeance — and fairies seem to have changed In this list we are considering the most famous mythical creatures originating from different cultures and societies, whether they are known for their beauty, ferocity or magical powers. Some of the creatures from different cultures have similar traits but their names are different so, we decided to combine them to diversify the list These mythical creatures are said to molest or even rape women, particularly those who lose their way in mountainous or forest areas. They also have the ability to drive people insane. As a countermeasure, as with the kapre, victims should turn their shirts inside-out. Tiyanak The List of Mythical Creatures. I'll be honest, putting together a complete list of mythical creatures is intimidating, mostly because there are... 24 Awesome greek mythology creatures with pictures.

Other Mythical Creatures. Other cultures also have their own share of mythical creatures. The following list contains creatures common in Eastern folklore. Basilisk. This serpent-like legendary creature in European mythology is known to kill with a look of its eyes. It is said to have a crest on its head, earning it its title as a serpent-king Mythical Creatures 51.1k people have read Surprisingly Plausible Real-Life Explanations For Mythical Creatures Mythical Creatures 133.1k people have read Disquieting Truths About Lilith, The Night Hag. LOAD MORE. contact us we're hiring create a list watchworthy listopedia. terms privacy sitema

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First, I'm gonna say thank you for this great list of underused mythological creatures, but the basilisk. I know Harry Potter says it can kill you with a single glace, but that's not true. Like the Cockatrice, it is often mistaken that they can, but the Basilisk's abilities are actually shapeshifting The Most Famous Mythical Creature of Every State in the United States — Illustrated. A series of posters which celebrates the most famous mythical creatures in each state in the United States has been created; and this article — which was written by Barbara Davidson from CashNetUSA — gives more details about them 6 Mythical Monsters. but few creatures of the deep have struck fear into sailors' hearts like the mighty kraken. Tracing its origins back to a giant fish from Norse mythology called the. These six mythical sea creatures aren't the only ones that have found a home in literature and the movies. There is an entire pantheon of Elder Gods, the old ones, that include the great Cthulhu, which could be considered part of this list

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The Serpopard is an unusual example of a mythical creature for which no name has been adduced from the historical records: all we know is that depictions of creatures with the body of a leopard and the head of a snake adorn various Egyptian ornaments, and when it comes to their presumed meaning, one classicist's guess is as good as another's In terms of conventional zoology, all of the three known species of vampire bats are actually native to the New World. So, it really doesn't come as a surprise that it is Mayan mythology that brings forth the legend of a mythical vampire creature. But the fascinating part is - the Camazotz's legend does have many similarities to the well-known vampire stories of the later eras

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Mythical Creatures List. 3.3K likes. Over 3,000 in the database bringing you a unique creature each day. All mythical creatures are/ were believed to be.. Creatures and Monsters from Greek Mythology. The heroes are probably the best-known part of Greek mythology, but what makes a hero?. Having monsters to fight, that's what. Luckily for the heroes, the Ancient Greeks had the strangest, coolest, most terrifying creatures & monsters mythology had to offer ranging from Dragons, Giants, Demons and Ghosts, to multi-formed creatures such as the Sphinx. Mythical Creatures . A short description of the mythical creatures that were known to be alongside of the gods. Hydra: A snake with numerous heads that were sometimes said to be human as well. The breath of the Hydra was so venomous that anyone who approached it would die,. **Pictorial art** of monsters from the past or present, such as angels, demons, strange WTF creatures, drooling brutes, innocent-looking oddities, mythical hybrids, an image from a bestiary, etc. Yes, you can submit drawings of your own imaginary monsters. We strongly encourage the crediting of artists by their real name

The creatures are known for kidnapping humans. Many villagers will not go near the Amazon River at night because of this. Plenty of South Americans believe in the existence of the encantado and claim to have seen and interacted with the species. 25. Aswang Source Aswang is a mythical creature in Filipino folklore Find your Mythical creatures pictures at Picsearch.com! We have billions of indexed images in our directory, and it continually expands

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Check out this list of supernatural creatures for creative writers. I don't know about you, but I get tired of the same type of supernatural being in every novel I read. I suppose if I only read one book a year, it would be okay if they were all about vampires and werewolves With one of the world's most unique environments and ecosystems, is it any wonder that Australia is full of strange and mythical creatures? While they may not be as famous as their European or Asian counterparts, Australia has their fare share of cryptids, creatures from folklore, and mythological beasts. Many are derived from Aboriginal culture while others are more modern in origin

Illustration of a mythical salamander: olden superstitions that mention that the salamander could produce fire. 6. Mythical salamander The salamander, as we all know, is a simple harmless amphibian- not a lizard - that prowls about in wetlands. But apparently, the creature has been associated with the mythological fire lizards in some way or. Mythological Creatures of Fire | Mythical Fire Beasts Mythological creatures are legendary beasts stemming from traditions and stories passed down from ancient times. They are usually depicted as having tremendous powers and abilities. There is often empirical reasoning behind the creation of a mythological creature by ancient civilization List of Mythical Creatures & Cryptids. A; Abarimon - An ancient country in the Himalayan mountains where the people had backwards turned feet. (Hindu) Abiku - The Yoruba and Dahomey people in West Africa tell of the Abiku creatures. The Abiku are tree spirits that take the form of children and are born as children. The Abiku die several times, mostly with the same family The mythical creatures found in folklore do a lot of different jobs, says Simon Young, a British historian of folklore and co-editor/co-author of the book Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies.

Supernatural Creatures in Scottish Folklorethis is a list of them. There are many supernatural creatures to be found in Scottish/Gaelic folklore, Scotland has a rich Culture going back over 2,000 years.Scottish mythology has emerged throughout our history, stories were then passed on by word of mouth sometimes being elaborated upon by successive generations Baobhan Sit Japanese mythical creatures are the weirdest - be warned! Like the ittan-momen: a sentient roll of cotton that flies through the air at night and attacks humans by wrapping itself around their. - 1 Mythical Creatures 1.1 Mean Fairy 1.2 Gigantic Fairy 1.3 Lazy Fairy 1.4 Decapitating Fairy 1.5 Other related things to Guillotine 1.5.1 Giftbox 1.6 Dukka Fairy 1.7 Undying Fairy 1.8 Greedy Fairy 1.9 Ice Fairy 1.10 Obese Fairy 1.11 Dark Fairy 1.12 Rainbow Fairy 1.13 Digital Fairy 1.14 Plushie.. Mythical Creatures Trivia Quiz. June 18, 2017 8:03 AM ‐ Games • Mythical Creatures. Do you know the difference between a unicorn and a minotaur? Could you pick the right items to protect yourself from a vampire or a werewolf? How clued up are you on the history of bigfoot and Loch Ness monster sightings

Chamrosh – These would have been my small-griffon type10 Great Examples of Eerie Taxidermy Art - NeatoramaArtStation - Creatures for the Pathfinder Bestiary 6

Here is list of (almost) all Slavic mythical creatures 1 Azhdaya 2 Alkonost 3 Baba Yaga 4 Babaroga 5 Balachko 6 Bauk 7 Beda 8 Besomar 9 Bes 10 Bukavac 11 Butzemann 12 Vampir 13 Vila 14 Vilenjak 15 Vodenjak 16 Vukodlak 17 German 18 Gamayun 19 Danitsa 20 Domovoy 21 Drekavats 22 Zhar-Ptitsa 23 Zmay.. A partial list of Chinese mythological creatures which have appeared in Xianxia and Xuanhuan novels. This Bestiary is meant to complement the Beings & Creatures section of the main glossary. Dragon (龙 lóng) - a mythical, chimeric creature of utmost importance in Chinese mythology and culture. It represents Yang, the Chinese Emperor, masculinity, imperial power There are many mythical creatures in Greek mythology, and many of them are found in the sea. If you have ever wondered about the mythical sea creatures that are found in Greek mythology, we have the complete list here! Some of these mythical sea creatures are ugly and evil, while some of them are beautiful and mischievous Jan 19, 2013 - Of all the stories about ghosts, bogies, leprechauns, and fairies, non is as unique, infamous, and terrifying as the legend of the banshee( also known as the Bohēēntha or Bankēēntha). She is known to be the Irish Angel of Death Mythical Creatures and Royalty: Picture Books For Kids By Bookroo: The Children's Book Experts This list of the best picture books about mythical creatures is sure to include a new favorite for the voracious young reader in your life CashNetUSA compiled a list of the most popular mythical creatures in every country in the world. It used bestiaries and encyclopedias like Monsters and Mythical Creatures from Around the World to gather its information, and then used Google data to confirm which creatures were the most searched in each location. After thorough research, it created a series of maps showing the most famous.

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