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Category:Homestuck characters by appearance; Category:Homestuck species; Horuss Zahhak; I Insane Clown Posse; J Jack Noir; Jack Noir (B2) Jack Noir (Dead Session) Jade English; Jade Harley; Jadesprite; Jake English; Jake Harley; Jane Crocker; Jane Egbert; Jaspers; Jasprosesprite^2; John Crocker; John Egbert; SWITCH C-3 (Troll species and A2 player group) SWITCH C-3-1 (Trolls: Lowbloods - Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, & Karkat) SWITCH C-3-2 (Trolls: Midbloods - Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, & Vriska) SWITCH C-3-3 (Trolls: Highbloods - Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, & Feferi) SWITCH C-4 (Trolls: Pre-Scratch - Damara, Rufioh, Mituna, etc. KIDS John Egbert Rose Lalonde (Available) Dave Strider Jade Harley (Hiatus) TROLLS ♈ Aradia Megido ♉ Tavros Nitram ♊ Sollux Captor ♋ Karkat Vantas ♌ Nepeta Leijon ♍ Kanaya Maryam ♎ Terezi.. Aranea mind-controls Gamzee to steal the ring and bring her back to life with it. She activates Jake's Hope powers. Jane and Jade mobilize to stop her and many other characters arrive on the scene. A large melee ensues, but in the resulting conflict many of the characters end up dying. When John arrives, he meets up with Roxy on her planet Homestuck Characters Anime Characters Fictional Characters Sweet Drawings Character Design References Character Ideas Comic Art Cool Stuff Random Stuff Homestuck Cosplay Homestuck Dave Homestuck Characters Fictional Characters Davekat Aradia Striders Knight Sic

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  1. Transparent sprite sheets with weapons and clothing to layer over your or Homestuck's characters. As well as bases to draw your customization on. Homestuck Weapons, Props, Bases and Clothing Sprites - HOMESTUCK.NE
  2. A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. About 8,000 pages. Don't say we didn't warn you
  3. Homestuck Shimejis. Shimejis are little interactive characters (desktop buddies or mascots) who play around in and on your computer's windows while you do something else. The current colection of over 20 characters is largely by Mozai and akaisha0 and designed for the program Shimeji-EE (check the website for instructions). Website Downloa
  4. take the quiz to see what homestuck character you are the most similar to. i tried to include all of the relevant characters. if i forgot someone important i can always add them later. Published 11 months ago · Updated 11 months ag
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Homestuck shows us the story of John Egbert and his groups of friends who start playing a game and end up having control over humanity's fate, which is based on how they play the game. How much did you like the webcomic? Find out which Homestuck character you're most like. It includes alpha and beta kids, trolls, ancestors, and cherubs Homestuck Characters Home Stuck Davekat Hilarious Funny Nerd Told You So Fandoms Fan Ar NONE OF THE ART IS MINE, NOR THE MUSIC. Sources for the art bellow. :D I hope you actually enjoy the long 15 minutes of this. XDJohn: Weird Al Yankovic - W..

http://i.imgur.com/sSa5x.png | Homestuck, Homestuck characters, Character design inspiration. Jul 21, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Toska. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Jul 21, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Toska. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Homestuck Character Gen. Tired of actually giving a crap and trying to figure out what you would be like as a troll? Working hard on an OC? Well, give up! Let this generator decide everything for you! (NOTE: I recommend using another gen to find ur troll name first!) @mashed_mellows There are very many Homestuck characters but there are sheets to get you started. You can also do a non-canon outfit, such as Nepeta's god tier. Cosplaying a troll will involve being covered in face paint as well as making horns, so beginners may want to start by cosplaying as one of the kids as these are simpler. {smallUrl:https:\/\/www.wikihow Homestuck is pretty cool and so are all the cool and awesome characters. So that's cool. Take this quiz. Ha. I love Homestuck. Do you like Homestuck??? Which Homestuck character are you. If you take this quiz and you will find out. It will be accurate and good. It will take like three minutes. It will be fun or something. Created by.

Hello everyone! This is a video listing what I think the best Disney songs for the original kids and trolls. All the songs are from Disney movies (except on.. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon Homestuck begins when thirteen-year-old John Egbert receives a beta copy of an upcoming computer game, called Sburb, in the mail. Installing and running the game on his computer triggers a meteor shower to fall on his house in real life, which he survives only by being transported to a planet in another dimension Homestuck wearing a headband with troll horns. (Art by rachelhungry). The most commonly accepted appearance of the original Homestuck Fandom is a Lime blooded Alternian troll with grey skin, short, messy, black hair, yellow eyes with dark irises, and two identical horns protrude upwards from his head and curve slightly inward

Homestuck Character Maker remix (kailia Niniae by TheNIGHTTIMEpotatoe_ Homestuck OC Marius Kafele by thepowerofryan Homestuck OC Sydryu Virzlo by thepowerofrya FINAL HOMESTUCK KIN ASSIGNMENT. Quiz introduction. Hi, I just wanted to make an actual Homestuck kin assignment quiz, for all the Homestuck readers and their friends out here! The results envolve a lot of reading and the formating is funky, but oh well. Hope you enjoy it :D [Homestuck] Characters. 5,130 likes. hs sucks. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page [Homestuck] Characters. 5,112 likes · 3 talking about this. hs suck Dec 8, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Linda Andersson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Hussie has appeared several times as a self-insert character within Homestuck, although of course this character may say and do things that the real Andrew Hussie would not. This project only covers data contained within Acts 1 though 4 of Homestuck 1 Portal Rush Characters 1.1 Kids 1.2 Trolls 2 Gothilia Characters 2.1 Kids 2.2 Trolls 3 Characters from Other Series that are not Related to Homestuck 3.1 Kids 3.2 Trolls Cindy Gerald Masashiro Kasako Gwen Pines Helen Honeycomb Shania Clayton Avon Malourne Josey Frost Kam Hollyman Beth Slimmer.. ((Links to character analyses featuring Eridan, Gamzee, and Feferi can be found at the bottom.)) In terms of fandom perception, we often see The Sweaty Guy, The Creepy Guy, The Fetishist, and The One I'm Ashamed to Call My Patron Troll #homestuck #homestuck headcanon #homestuck tattoo #homestuck characters #john egbert #rose lalonde #dave strider #jade harley #breath #light #time #space #tattoos 213 notes catboy-wizar

#0715cd: 7-21-205: Nannasprite #00d5f2: -213-242: Rose Lalonde: #b536da: 181-54-218: Jaspersprite: #f141ef: 241-65-239: Dave Strider: #e00707: 224-7-7: Davesprite: #. INFJ: Rose, Calliope, Aranea. INTJ: Sollux, Porrim. ISTP: Dirk, Horuss. ISFP: Eridan, Jake. INFP: Dave, Tavros, Meulin. INTP: Aradia, Mituna. ESTP: Gamzee, Latula. ESFP: Nepeta, Roxy, Cronus. ENFP: John, Feferi, Rufioh Hi and welcome to 'Unappreciated Homestuck Characters.' Where I try to bring recognition to unpopular or ever hated Homestuck character. Female/She her/ Asexual/Biromantic/ ISFP/Nov 15/Scorpio/Derse.. Homestuck Characters Analyzed. Ideas or Deconstructions? Tags. Rules! Have a headcannon about why characters act the way they do? Ever wonder just what makes your favorite characters really tick? This is what we do here! Welcome to our world. We have had a request to analyze Nepeta Lejion, and I promise you we will

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  1. Gotta say Aranea. The most shallow character in the series IMO. Yes, /u/vriskasucks, Aranea is worse than Vriska. level 1. antiqueChairman. 7 points · 5 years ago. I don't feel much hate for any Homestuck characters, even the really despicable ones. But the character that creeps me out the most is Kurloz
  2. This works as a more homestuck feel, where characters are slowly revealed. Players will have no idea about anyone elses character, making a more accurate session to happen (where nobody can decide how the factors play) and the only thing the DM says to other players is if certain things are taken (like if the player wants to be a Bard of Doom and someone else already has Bard, you can tell them bard is already taken
  3. 96 votes, 73 comments. 68.9k members in the homestuck community. A subreddit for Homestuck, Psycholonials, Hiveswap, and the works of Andrew

Character Introductions are a huge part of Homestuck. It is the foundation that all this tom-foolery is built on. But the introduction page is not all there is to say about each character in Homestuck. Each Homestuck character or family is identified by each unique color given to them or by the color they use for their text Homestuck Character Themes All Humans And Trolls And Some Side Characters Download Wallpaper Homestuck Characters As Zodiac Signs 25 Best Memes About Homestuck Characters Homestuck Homestuck Trolls And Ancestors Free Image What My Parents Think About Some Of The Homestuck Characters. Terezi Pyrope (ex-matesprit) Karkat Vantas is a bisexual character from Homestuck Complete Homestuck Character List 1. John Egbert 2. Rose Lalonde 3. Dave Strider 4. Jade Harley 5. Jane Crocker 6. Roxy Lalonde 7. Dirk Strider 8. Jake English 9. Karkat Vantas 10. Aradia Megido 11... Homestuck centers on a group of online friends, John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley, who unwittingly bring about the end of the world through the installation of a beta copy of an upcoming computer game

View, comment, download and edit homestuck character Minecraft skins Chromatic Arrangement: The original set of kids are one of these — John is blue, Dave is red, and Jade is green — but unusually, their fourth, Rose, is purple, and John and Dave have switched the roles generally associated with their colours by this trope 5 Characters. 5.1 Humans. 5.1.1 Guardians; 5.1.2 Homestuck Trolls; 5.1.3 Hiveswap Trolls; 5.1.4 Cherubs; 5.1.5 Sburb Constructs; 5.1.6 Midnight Crew; 5.2 Other; 6 Races; 7 Weapons; 8 Civilisations; 9 Discussion

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Terezi Pyrope is bisexual a from Homestuck. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 5 Relationships 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation Her associated zodiac sign is Libra, which is portrayed on her shirt. She has pointy teeth like Karkat Vantas, but her horns are perfectly conical as opposed to being curved at all like most other trolls. Terezi has a variety of personality traits. She. You thought pairing up one character with another was your thing? Well now every character can pair up with FOUR other characters with varying types of pairings, only a crazy person would want to make sense of this! Then it turned out that the Homestuck fanbase was full of crazy people who absolutely wanted to make sense of this. Whoops So this is a homestuck character quiz although I couldnt get every character I got the basics. Created by John Fluffy On Sep 17, 2014 A chum messages you telling you that their Morail has left them and they are very upset how do you respond? Single Sprites are a game construct provided to all players of Sburb, intended to give the player a Spirit Advisor in the form of someone/something they know and trust. They are initially generated as a formless glowing orb known as the Kernelsprite, and are given form by the player; this is achieved by prototyping an object, or putting an object into into the sprite, at which point the sprite.

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Homestuck. Images. zerochan. Browsing Options. 8,427 anime images in gallery. Tagged under Series, Games and Non-Anime . Filters Normal Mode Strict Mode List All Children. Search within Homestuck. Quality: All sizes · Large and better · Only very large Sort: Recent · Popular · Random ( Last week · Last 3 months · All time Homestuck Quotes. Quotes tagged as homestuck Showing 1-24 of 24. You understand reality while everyone else is running around confused and angry and upset because they think reality is something happening to them rather than something they are making every moment with every thought.. ― Andrew Hussie when i say ' every homestuck character is just a kid ' i mean ' even the most problematic ones have plenty of time to grow as people and none of them are irredeemable ' , not ' they did nothing wrong because children are incapable of being bad ppl uwu ' and i wish that everyone would understand that mor The SEERPAK, which includes: a Homestuck-themed tarot card deck (78 cards, featuring art by 39 artists), a Grimdark Squiddle tote bag, a Prospit OR Derse t-shirt (your choice!), a set of 4 enamel pins, and 3 Prospit & Derse sticker sheets! You also get GAMEPAK1. (Note: Game ships in 2014) Less. Estimated delivery Dec 2012 Homestuck ฅ'ω'ฅ. 777 likes. I like posting Homestuck and RWBY. I love comments please keep them appropriate but comment away

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Aug 23, 2015 - Best homestuck memes - popular memes on the site ifunny.co. Every day updated Jul 21, 2016 - salihombox - Posts tagged homestuck

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( All Homestuck characters have flaws though and that's awesome.) She is number one on my character list for sure. Rose is such an important character to me. When I first read Homestuck, I saw a lot of myself in her: smart, sarcastic, tense relationship with her mother Rose Lalonde TentacleTherapist Jade Harley GardenGnostic Dave Strider TurntechGodhea Jane Crocker GutsyGumshoe Jake English GolgothasTerror Roxy Lalonde.

Oct 4, 2015 - They would visit the aquarium again. Part1 Part HOMESTUCK CHARACTER ANALYSIS: (Alternia Session) Eridan Ampora So, last time we discussed John, with all of his chipper optimism in the face of insurmountable odds. Now that we turn an eye to the Trolls, I thought it was appropriate that I focus on a character very much at the OTHER end of that bell-curve I don't feel much hate for any Homestuck characters, even the really despicable ones. But the character that creeps me out the most is Kurloz. We barely know anything about this dude, except that he's crazy, he's probably mindraping his ex and broke Mituna's mind, and he serves Lord English

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Original Troll Character(s) & Original Troll Character(s) (Homestuck) Original Troll Character(s) (Homestuck) Original Female Character(s) Original Non-Binary Character; POV Second Person; Summary. There were tales of a beast with a woman's face, paint smeared and sneering, barren and terrible. All you knew was your neck of the woods laid. Homestuck Playset 2 (Beta) is now available! Player models and goodies based on the characters and content from the webcomic MS Paint Adventures! Don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter (@BabyFawnLegs) or tumblr (BabyFawnLegs [babyfawnlegs.tumblr.com]) with your comments, questions, problems and the like! Console Command #homestuck panels #homestuckpanels #homestuck #rose lalonde #roxy lalonde #woah sorry about the inactivity guys #with the gigapause over gonna get back to work #Anonymous January 21st 15:2 bucky's magnificent homestuck character ranks. cheezquest tier list 3. Au-Xilatrix. vals comforts. Homestuck Act5 Nospoil:/ Homestuck Properties. Screenhack trolls. Psycholonials Characters Tier List. homestuck . Alstucke Tier List Maker. i don't know how to read. er2s2l. homestuck/hiveswap zodiac classes. Sburb Exiles Session 6 Homestuck Characters Homestuck Trolls Home Stuck Davekat Digimon Cute Art Tigger Sailor Venus Sailor Mars. More information.

Homestuck Characters. #Gamzee. Saved by Mikalynn. 1. Homestuck Characters Fictional Characters Day Walker Home Stuck Sea Dweller Davekat Troll 1 Fandoms. More information.. character 1. character image url (148x148) background image url (632x371) character page link usable panels done. character 2. character image url (148x148 Homestuck Graphic Depictions Of Violence Meenah Peixes/Aranea Serket Cronus Ampora/Meenah Peixes (Unrequited) Porrim Maryam & Kankri Vantas Cronus Ampora/Kankri Vantas Damara Megido/Meulin Leijon Rufioh Nitram/Horuss Zahhak Mituna Captor/Latula Pyrope Mituna Captor & Kurloz Makara Porrim Maryam &. Was it arbitrarily? Well, not completely. First of all, every character who was in the previous tier list was included in this one. That means all 8 human kids, 12 beta trolls, 2 cherubs and the 2 more important alpha trolls. Next, the remaining 12 characters correpond to all Homestuck characters who got to Round 2 of MSPA Madness 2016

Homestuck Characters. well you do. Saved by Bill Nye's left ankle. 272. Homestuck Characters. Created by Andrew Hussie. Homestuck is about four kids who play a game called SbUrB and when a meteor comes to end the world, they must team up with a group of 12 trolls from the planet called 'Alternia' who have already beaten their version of SbUrB to save the world

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Homestuck,Character Wig. About the latest offers and deals Subscribe today The four main characters in Homestuck have the most relatable internet friendships I've ever seen in fiction. It's a new kind of relationship that you capture really accurately. The characters are best friends, but they haven't technically met, and they only ever interact through this chat medium An official continuation of Homestuck. You CAPTCHALOGUE your trusty pair of SEWING SCISSORS. You've brought many a colorful character to life with these babies

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Welcome to Before I read Homestuck .The Idea is collect different stories at what you thought about the homestuck's characters and what the story was about before you actually got round to read it Homestuck Troll Creator Share Collapse Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December 2020 The characters in Homestuck are suffering under the weight of their own self-awareness, as we are, but also making friends, and falling in love, and growing up on the Internet, as we do Supporting Homestuck at $5 and above gives you access to BONUS UPDATES from the Homestuck: Beyond Canon team. Bonus updates will show side stories, vignettes, and more details from the world of the main story

hs_herobots 0/1 - When set to 1, replaces bots with random Homestuck characters. Links. Update History [babyfawnlegs.tumblr.com] Homestuck Playset 1; Popular Discussions View All (13) 147 Oct 6, 2020 @ 2:26am ALL THE GLITCHES (in the fire) rockettScythe 15 Aug 30, 2020 @ 1:51am Can you. Apr 22, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Stridumb. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres


Homestuck comes at storytelling from a completely different angle. While it does draw from text-based adventure games and RPGs as its sources of inspiration, the modes through which characters interact with each other and their environment, and even the locales themselves, are completely unfamiliar to any story or genre Jun 13, 2020 - ariihen said: karkat vantas? Answer: If he can't be a leader, he won't fight at all Have any character you'd like to see as a trainer? Send it to us! Question by @ephemere Homestuck Inspired Eridan Ampora Horns Troll Horns Halloween Costume Cosplay. See more ideas about homestuck homestuck cosplay cosplay tutorial. Pin On Like . Some Of My Headcanon Anatomy Of Grubs W Homestuck Homestuck Grubs Homestuck Trolls . Homestuck Symbols Homestuck Trolls Homestuck Homestuck Funn

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A public Homestuck reaction images collection, for all of your MSPA-related Tumblr needs. THIS IS AN ARCHIVE. We don't make these, we just group them together for easy browsing and try to hunt down.. Can you pick the Homestuck character by the way they died? by floweryProse Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Forced Order. Support Sporcle. Go Orange. Get the ad-free and most optimal, full-featured Sporcle. How to Understand Homestuck Quadrants. Perhaps you heard references to Homestuck and Quadrants on a social media site. Unless you've read Homestuck, you probably have no clue what anyone's talking about. When you first found out about..

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Comics: Homestuck fanfiction archive with over 16,524 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans The characters and worldbuilding are pretty great though. Homestuck also broke, reinvented, and then broke again webcomics and ended up a surreal mess of comic, animation, music, minigames, and every other medium it could think of. Homestuck is internet-era storytelling that uses a videogame as a creation myth

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Dad is a character in Homestuck. He is both John Egbert's adoptive father and his genetic half-brother, so he could be called Mr. Egbert. After the Scratch, he is Jane Crocker's adoptive father. He uses the Wallet Fetch Modus, where he puts things in his wallet and carries them around Your favourite character of Homestuck is transgender. Ingrid Garcia. Lejion Zine :33. In this house, we love and respect the Lejions!! rabbitrandie. the note desolation plays. A girl and her friends play a game. illusionarybird. HS Xeno Zine. Aliens of Homestuck being alien. Ifer30

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MeGaLoVania is a track by musician Toby Radiation Fox that was released on the album Homestuck Vol. 6: Heir Transparent on January 5th, 2011 with track art taken from Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. It makes an appearance in the Homestuck flash (S) Wake, where Bec Noir destroys the troll session's Derse, Aradia ascends to god tier, and Vriska, as the ascended Thief of Light, kills Tavros. It is. The POV Cam allows you to view the pages of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck in a different order to normal, following the timeline of a single character. To use the POV Cam, go to mspaintadventures as you would normally, and find that there are now some extra links on the page Homestuck began shortly after the end of Problem Sleuth, launching on April 13th, 2009.It starts off slow, introducing the initial main characters of John, Dave, Rose and Jade as they play the.

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